3 Photography Filter You Should Have

3 Photography Filter You Should Have

Photography do not come only with camera. There’s also photography gear that come with it. When it come to photography gear, one of the most important gear that a lot of photographer have is probably a filter. Filter come with every type for every purpose and help a lot for every different kind of photography. Since there are so much type of filter, it’s kinda difficult to explain each of them. Instead I just gonna show 3 that really matter. This is 3 photography filter you should have.

Before we begin, I like to remain you that all of these filters isn’t a necessary gear. But in my experience, if you want to buy a filter, these are my recommendation.

UV filter

Ultraviolet filter or UV filter is a filter that block sunlight to the camera. It work by reduce the ultraviolet light that come into the camera sensor through the lens. By applying the UV filter, the UV light can be blocked and so prevent it from damaging the sensor. Usually this filter (the cheap one) come as a bonus if you buy a new camera.

Hoya 77mm HD3 UV Filter

Just imagine it like a sunblock prevent your skin from getting burn.

Little secret about UV filter, I never use it. It’s because these days digital camera equipped with multi-layered filters that are designed to filter out the extended ranges of UV. So in other word, new cameras are already protected from UV light without the need of UV filter.

Then why is it this filter still needed? It because UV filter can protect your camera from other treat, physical I mean, like dirt or dust. If it broken, you can just buy another cheap UV filter. Rather than buying another expansive lens. Just imagine a UV filter like a phone screen protector.

Polarizer Filter

NiSi NC Landscape Polariser CPL for 100mm System NiSi V5 & V3

Polarizer filter have many function. It can darken the sky, reduce glare, and reduce reflection. These days Circular polarizer or CPL filter can be rotated to control the amount of light to your liking. This filter mostly use by landscape photographer. And also used by other creative work, like making video, timelapse, or architecture.

Neutral Density Filter

Neutral density filter or ND Filter is my most favorite filter. This filter have one purpose, to reduce the amount of light come into the camera. Basically it make your photo darker. Because of that you have to reduce the shutter speed to compensated the darkness caused by ND filter. There’s variety of the amount of light it can reduce, from 1 stop to 20 stop depend on the ND filter.

There’s a lot of different kind of ND filter and it have it own function.

ND Filter Gradual ND Filter Variety ND Filter

Everyone of them can work alone fine. Or you can combine all of them to create your creative work. Many landscape photographer combine these filter to make a photograph.


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