5 Easy Way to Improve Your Photography Skill

I have do photography for a while now. And for the first time It’s rather hard for me to adjust my self to photography. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feel that way. I remember when I was 6 year old, my dad gave me an old point and shot film camera. It felt so easy back then to used. Now being serious in photography, I know its not that easy. So for my personal experience, I want to share how I up until now improve my photography skill and this 5 easy way to improve your photography skill.

When I said skill, I don’t mean a tutorial on how to. But your skill to see into photography perspective. What is interesting subject, what is the better composition, how to take shot thing with a better improvement.

Just use your phone

Almost everyone in the world use his or her camera phone for their photography. It is no surprise, especially now that camera phone has more improve then a lot of actual camera. Which that you can use to photograph instead buying a SLR or Mirrorless camera. Just point and shot.

Go around your house and shot

Another way is stay in your home. A great photograph doesn’t mean you have to go to another country or climb the highest mountain. You can always make a great photograph in your house.

Look around see a interesting object. For example, I once photograph a drinking glass that I found in my house and I make more than 20 shot with a lot and creative way.

Find a friend who are photographer

Photographer usually work in community. That’s why there’s a lot of photography community out there who gather together with one same passion. With friend as photographer, they can help and teach you how improve your photography skill.

Find inspiration on Internet

Sometime you are limited to your photo buddy when you want to grow more. Another way to do that is to look for the work of professional or famous photographer. I think rather than tutorial, inspiration of photography give us a lot more better perspective and motivation to make amazing photograph.

What the hell!! Just bring your camera everywhere

I remember a photographer I met once. He said, rather than a phone, he always hold his camera wherever he go. And that is the way he learn photography. Through an actual experience.

Like they said, working hard make a lot better experience. Just bring your camera wherever and whenever you go. That is the most easiest way to improve your photography skill. Look around you, see what is interesting, and shot. Easy right?

It’s amazing to see your improvement through out the year you do your photography and see how totally different it will be.


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