Check Out How Much Your Photography has Change

Something to be proud of is one thing you good at and how you start from nothing into something. Its also the same for photography. Start from simple snapshot into an art. Probably easy, probably hard, depend on how hard you work. It is interesting how change happen and how it happen. Why don’t you check out how much your photography has change.

I have been in photography for at least 4 year now (15 , if you included my ugly snapshot when I was in grade school). It is interesting back then when I didn’t know what I actually doing and what I trying to make. It also hard to actually define a good photo. For example, back then I thought deep saturation was good, or unusual angle will look cool on my photos. And then I learn more and more about photography and find out which is good and bad. Even until know.

Until now I have take more than 10.000 photos (according to my hard drive). It doesn’t including the photos that I lost. And just see how different I make from then to now, for me just amazing. I think my photograph have change, a lot.

Just check few of my architecture photography from the beginning until the latest:

And how about these landscape photography:

Hey, I think I change a lot. Like the inconsistency about which type of photography I want, technical skill, and even the concept or idea. It have change over the course of 4 year.

Check out my viewbug profile. I upload all my photos there since the beginning of my photography.

Just 4 year!!! I would like to say. I have many year to come and look forward to it with many new thing to see, to learn, to experience, and to master. I’m sure many photographer with far decades of experience will say the same thing.


Anyway it just a random though I got. I really want to share it to tell you how people can change with dedication into their craft. Not just change but also grow into, in this case, a better photographer.


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