New Project: Black and White Fine Art Architecture Photography Guide Book

Short and simple: I just decide that I’m gonna write a guidebook on how to create black and white fine art architecture photography. If you when through my front page, you can see some of the photos that I took and turn into black and white fine art. Do you […]

Cityscape Photography: Bank BNI Yogyakarta

Of all places in Yogyakarta, Bank BNI in Yogyakarta is one of the most favorite tourist destination. Not because of the history or it’s an ancient bank. In fact, the bank has a lot of branches all across Indonesia. But this one bank has an interesting location, right on the […]

how tone create depth in architecture fine art photography.

How Tone Create Depth in Architecture Fine Art Photography

Creating a fine art architecture photography is obviously not an easy task. In fact, you need a lot of time to at least, decent enough. And even the great one sometime didn’t even realize the biggest mistake that right in front of them. Now I want to tell you what […]

My Photography: Flyover Fine Art Photography

My Photography: Flyover Fine Art Photography

Hey it’s been a while since I last talk about my photography. Not because I don’t shot anymore, but I don’t think its worth to write about. Now I want to tell you about my adventure (not really) in the City of Yogyakarta and to be honest, it’s kinda special. […]

My Photography: Jakarta National Monument Panorama

My Photography: Jakarta National Monument Panorama

If you read my previous blog post, you know that previously I when to Capital Jakarta and shot cityscape and architecture photography. I said, that I shot a lot but haven’t processed all of them yet. Now, I still haven’t. But I did just finish one photograph. This photography probably […]

Why Contrast Really Matter in Black and White Photography

Why Contrast Really Matter in Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is a photography genre that I specialize. For that, I always learn more and more about the photography. One thing that I always ask is what is really important in black and white photography. The only thing I can think of is contrast. Something that for […]

Black and white architecture cityscape fine art photography of Jakarta, Indonesia | Architecture Photography: Jl. MH Tamrin Jakarta

Architecture Photography: Jl. MH Tamrin Jakarta

Indonesia capital city, Jakarta, is one of few city in Indonesia who does actually look like a metropolitan city. This capital fill with many building and huge architecture structure (mainly in Central Jakarta), which is good for a cityscape and an architecture photographer. And like usual, I turn it into […]

Landscape Photography: Mount Merbabu Line and Merapi

Landscape Photography: Merbabu Mount Line

Merbabu mountain is one of many mountain in Indonesia. Located in Central Java, Indonesia. The name Merbabu could be loosely translated as ‘Mountain of Ash’ from the Javanese combined words; Meru means “mountain” and awu or abu means “ash”. One of many great place for hiking and landscape photography. Which […]

Black and white architecture fine art photography of Monas, Jakarta, Indonesia

Architecture Photography: Monas

One thing that symbolize the city of Jakarta Indonesia is it iconic monument, National Monument or Monas. This monument created to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence. This monument located at the very center of the city. This monument identified by it top cover by gold and symbolize as the “Flame […]