10 Great Excuses to Photograph

10 Great Excuses to Photograph

Photography is a great hobby. And as a hobby there’s shouldn’t be any reason for someone to not doing it. But everyone knows, a behavior, even the one you love, can get boring. So what now, you probably prefer to lazing down in your home watching TV, rather than play with your camera. One way to motivate yourself to hold a camera is an excuse for why you should hold a camera, not your TV remote. These are 10 great excuses to photograph.

10 Great Excuses to Photograph

Excuse to Go Out

The basic thing to do is for you to go out.

Nothing to do inside. Nothing to do outside. Bring your camera outside and you have something to do. And that is to photograph. Easy, right?

Start with that excuse that you want to go out and go with the flow.

Excuse to Meet Friend

Call your friend and ask that you want to go somewhere and go hunting photo. Most likely your friend will say yes, especially if your friend also loves photography. If not just think of it as a hang out together, but with a camera.

Excuse to Use New Toy

A photograph can only be done with a camera and you can’t take a photo if you haven’t use your camera. So try a new camera can be great excuse to photograph.

Don’t have to be a new camera, can be any new thing. Like a new tripod, or a new flash, or a new filter. The desire to use those new gear, I mean toy, can become an excuse for you photograph even more. Don’t have to be a tool, even a new skill can become an excuse.

Excuse to Remember

Photo, since the dawn of time of photography, always has been a tool to record memories. And that function still exists until now.

You can use it to photograph your family, friend, or any of your activity in your life. In the end, if you want to remember that moment again, you can see all those visual forms of memories again.

Excuse to Making Art

Many have the desire to create something. One way to do it is through photography. Photography as an art is a totally normal thing and many already did it. Why not you?

Excuse to Show off

This is the 21st century, you don’t have to show your photo to an art show. You can simply use social media to such thing. Simply post your photo and the entire world can see your photo. If you have a great photo, with a few clicks, it can be seen by everyone. And that’s photographer love, to show off their creation.

It’s not just photographer, almost everyone loves to show off. What media social there for? To show off.

Excuse to Communicate

Maybe it’s weird to imagine that photography can be used as communication. But it’s true.

images circulating around the globe are nearly as ephemeral as speech because they are rarely printed into physical form. Photography has become a medium of exchange as much as a mode of documentation. Digital snapshots are capable of being shared instantly; because of this, they essentially function as messages in the present rather than records of moments in the past (Batchen, 2013).

You see? This is another one of 10 great excuses to photograph.

Thanks to social media photos can be used as a way to tell about what yourself, what are you doing, what are you thinking, and what you to tell to others.

Excuse to be Happy

Doing the thing they love can make them happy. That’s common sense. Everyone knows that. For that reason why can’t photography can be an excuse for you to be happy. Don’t believe me? Okay, another quote then.

Any photo-taking with the intent to increase one’s happiness can increase positive affect, specifically photos intended to promote happiness via smiling self-expression (selfies), those taken of things to make ones’ self-happy, or those intended to make others happy (Chen, Maria, Ali, 2015).

See!!! That experiment tries to find that happiness can be promoted by photography (smartphone photography to be precise) and they found it. It’s not only come from the feeling of taking photos, but also from praise and positive comments from others who see your photos.

Excuse to Making Money

Photography is a great thing to do. But much more love to simply see it. Or even hang it on their house. And to do it they have to buy it. So why not you the one who sells it. This is another one of the 10 great excuses to photograph, making money.

Photography is sellable. Any photos can be sold for a reasonable price. And it can be done with any kind of way, directly or online.

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Excuse to Taking Selfie

To tell you the truth, I don’t like taking selfies. But many do (that make me the weird one). And for me this is an excuse that most people to use a camera, to take a selfie. The desire to take a better selfie, give them a reason to go out, travel, doing something, even buy a better camera. It’s weird for me, but not for the majority of people. Especially millennials generation. Don’t believe me?

More than half of Millennials have shared a ‘selfie’ (Pew Research Center, 2014).

96% of young adults (aged 20-23 years; convenience sample) had taken a selfie in the past, and 25% had taken a selfie in the past day (Katz & Crocker, 2015). https://www.locateadoc.com/article/infographic-selfie-%20psychology-stats-and-info

30% of the total photos shared on different SNS are actually selfies posted by adolescents (Dhir, Pallesen, Torsheim, Andreassen, 2015)


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  1. It was the first excuse that got me to pick up a camera. Was spending all my time reading and writing and being on WordPress…still is a good reason – good exercise, fresh air…and i get to try and make art. 🙂

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