10 Thing You Never Do In Photography

There will come the time when you’ll do a mistake. Don’t know when, don’t know how and you end up regretting it. But it will happen. This is 10 Thing You Never Do In Photography.

10 Thing You Never Do In Photography

1. Don’t do anything illegal

For some reason, I really want to start with this. Many photographer that I know did these. They entered restricted area because they thing it will be the good place to photograph. Idiot…and yet it’s tempting. Some place you don’t know and your curiosity just want you to go there. Why I know? Because I did it to, not recently though. But it called restricted area for a reason, you can get arrested or worst.

Just remember, obey the rule and law. And if there no mention in the law or rule just do anything you like. Except if you’re a journalist. Now that’s a different story.

2. Don’t Leave your House Unprepared

Never leave your house without prepare your camera gear. Like charge your battery, format you memory card, clean your camera, prep all your gear, prep all the necessary equipment you need, and the most important thing don’t leave without your camera.

3. Don’t Take Just One

When you taking a photograph, don’t just take it once. Take more with different kind of setting. Each setting you shot with, will give you a different result. Which probably you’ll like. So who knows.

4. Don’t Forget the Detail

This happen a lot. Your frame look nice, the shot look great, and when you look at your computer and just zoom a little, boom, there you see your shot not even sharp.

This happen when don’t see the smallest detail. Even though it small, but it destructive. Overlook of small thing like sharpness or focus can ruin your entire shot. And you have to redo it all over again.

5. Don’t do the Same Thing Over and Over Again

Quote from Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

I think it is applied in photography. Don’t do the same thing and make the mistake again. Learn and improve. In photography I think what you want is not to do the same, but become more than what you was.

6. Don’t Miss the Moment

Sometime you probably thing, “there something good, and yet I’m tired or bored. I can do it next time.” DON’T

There no such thing as second chance in photography. When you miss your shot, it’s over. You can’t take the exact same shot ever. For example, if you’re a sport or street photographer, just burst your camera. Since it will be different and you don’t leave a single moment.

7. Don’t do Thing Half-Way

Don’t ever thing photography begin when take a shot. It isn’t, there more. Don’t ever thing photography end when you take the shot. It isn’t, there more. Don’t forget the three step, pre-processing, processing, and post processing.

Do it fully and do it half-way. The only thing people see in your photography is only half of it.

8. Don’t Ask Permission

Like I said before, as long as you in the scoop of the law, there’s nothing to worry about. Just do it. Take your camera and shoot. Don’t think that you have to ask the local or anything like that for permission. If you want to photograph some face close-up, then just do it. Don’t ask, do it.

9. Don’t Apologize

Sometime there will be some people don’t like when you photograph something. Don’t apologize. You obey the law, what you did isn’t illegal. So you did nothing wrong, and there’s nothing to apologize for.

For example, let’s take a look at what happen in London. If you’re a photographer, especially architecture photographer, its really hard to take photograph of architecture. Because the treat of terrorism. They’re not allowed to photograph, they’re demanded to delete their photos, and sometime cops called. It’s not illegal to photograph building, but many photographer there been in trouble because of it. So if that happen to you just show them you’re photograph and if they ask you to delete it, then say no. You did nothing wrong.

10. Don’t Ask Someone to Do your Job

Actually I never see this. But I think it happen.

Sometime you’re not sure what to do. So ask someone else to do it. In photography, you can’t do that. Even though some photography (like wedding or model) is a teamwork, but in the end, only the photographer took the credit. Don’t ask someone else to do it. Learn and do it your self. Because most of photography are a solo work and you can’t take someone else photograph and took it as your own.


6 thoughts on “10 Thing You Never Do In Photography

  1. Line between legal and illegal is often very thin. For example, photography in Delhi Metro is not allowed. Yet, the other day our Prime Minister Narender Modi and Australian Prime Minister took a ride together in the Metro and the Australian PM took selfies with his mobile. This pic was in all the newspapers that day.

  2. I don’t do humans unless there’s a good and positive reason; humans are too scary lol.

    When my head and camera appear out of the roof window, I tend to say things bird on roof bird on roof ?

    One thing I do find too often when looking at what I’ve taken earlier, is that again I did not notice a dumped plastic bag; or drinks can; or a cigarette end; people who wont use bins are frustrating!

  3. Good advice!, however I would be careful of number 8, sometimes it’s best to ask permission and let them know the reason why, which could lead to a better picture.
    Also I’ve been and lived in places that could care less about your photographic rights and you could find yourself in pretty bad shape and missing your camera completely,
    Respect goes along way!

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