3 Kinds of Photos that Should be Removed

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It’s been a question for me ever since my 1TB HDD was full. Should I buy a new hard drive, or should I delete some photos to free up some space? Of course, I went with the second option (since it doesn’t cost any money). The second question is what photo should I delete since I have a ton of them. So the basic idea to do it is by choosing the photo that absolutely useless for me. So which photo is it? For me, I categorized it into 3 kinds of photos that should be removed.

3 Kinds of Photos that Should be Removed

The exact same photos

In photography, it’s hard to achieve a “perfect” photo in one shot. That’s why a lot of photographers did multiple shots as some kind of test and retest to finally get that perfect shot. Unless your lucky or a street photography (because it’s hard to get the exact same shot twice). But beyond that, it can’t be done another way.

For me to get a shot I want, I usually took at least 10 photos; check and recheck each shot; used a variety of methods, and took another shot just in case. All of them for one perfect photo. That’s why my HD is usually full with the exact same photo. But in the end, I only use 1.

So there you have it. The only reason I have many same photos is just as precautions in case I made a mistake. But there’s no need for me to keep all of it in the end.

Beyond Repair

Another one is a totally failed photo. It can be caused by many reasons, like blur or shaking. Basically failed photo means any photo that can’t even be viewed.

There’s an exception though if that failed photo turns out to be inspiring you can keep it and use it somehow.

Hell, no!!!

Uninspired Photo

A photo gives you an idea of what you want to make or the other way around. But it’s not always the case. There is sometimes a photo that you have no idea what to do or even what to shoot for. Like a photo of your ceiling or a photo of random stuff just because you want to try the camera. If you don’t have any idea what to do with them, just delete them.

There is also an exception to this. Inspiration does not always come immediately. Sometimes it takes time. So if you still have enough room in your HD, you should keep it. At least until you desperately need to delete it.


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