5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Photography Skill

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I have done photography for a while now. And at first, it’s not easy for me to adjust myself to photography. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. I remember when I was 6 years old, my dad gave me an old point and shot film camera. It felt so easy back then. Now, being serious in photography, I know it’s not that easy. But that doesn’t mean I’m not improving. In time I learn more and more. And my photography skill is way better than at first. So for my personal experience, I want to share how I up until now improve my photography skill and these are 5 easy ways to improve your photography skill.

When I said skill, I didn’t mean a tutorial on how to. But your skill to see into photography perspective. What is an interesting subject, what is the better composition, how to take a better shot?

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Photography Skill

1. Just use your phone


It is no surprise, especially nowadays the phone’s camera has a really great quality. It is easier to use than a camera like SLR. For that, it’s really good to use, especially for a beginner. It’s discreet and easy.

2. Go Around to your house and shot

Another way is to stay in your home. A great photograph doesn’t always come from the edge of the world or on the highest mountain. You can also find it right next to your bedroom.


Photographing in your comfort zone is easier than learning out there. It feels better and you feel safe. Look around see an interesting object. For example, I once photographed a drinking glass that I found in my house and I make more than 20 different shots in lots of creative ways.

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3. Find a friend who’s also a photographer

Photographer usually has their own community. Many of them show their passion and skill. And also learn from each other. With a photographer as a friend, they can help and teach you how to improve your photography skill.


With a photographer as a friend, they can help and teach you how to improve your photography skill. They can also give you an idea of how and what to do with a camera.

4. Find inspiration on the Internet

Sometimes you are limited to your photo buddy when you want to do something more. Another way to do that is to look for the work of someone better. Where else to find it other than the internet. We can look for photography tutorials or how-to guides. But looking for inspiration is the first thing you should look for.


Inspiration comes from someone’s work that you like and also want to try. With that, the desire comes and makes you want to learn how to make exactly that. I think rather than a tutorial, an inspiration of photography gives us a lot better perspective and motivation to make an amazing photograph.

5. What the hell!! Just bring your camera everywhere


I remember a photographer I met once. He always brings his camera wherever and whenever he goes, even though he has no plan to photograph. And that is the way he learns photography. Through an actual experience. Not from learning, but by practicing more and more. And what better way than holding the camera everywhere and shooting every time.


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