5 Long Exposure Photography Tool that You Should Have

5 Long Exposure Photography Tool that You Should Have

Long exposure photography as far as I know is one of the most popular kind of photography that have been done by lot of people with camera. It create a long burst of motion that we can see and have been done in many kind of photography. Unfortunately you need more than a camera to create this amazing effect. This is 5 long exposure photography tool that you should have.

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1. Tripod

One of the most important tool that landscape photographer is a tripod. It also important for those who want to take a long exposure photography. To take a shot you have keep your camera as steady as possible, and doing so you need a tripod to keep your camera still.

2. Remote Trigger

One important thing to remember is that you want to keep your camera still as possible and avoid any chance of movement. Even a little shake can ruin your photo. One thing that can cause camera shake is when trigger the shutter on your camera. To avoid this, using a remote trigger can avoid you to press the shutter and avoid the possibility of camera shake.

Another alternative is use camera self timer.

3. Timer

Credit: Dennis Murphy from Wikipedia.org

Sometime to have a normal or at least decent exposure of your photo, 30 second wouldn’t be enough. In this situation you need to use the BULB mode and when doing this, you need to calculate accurately your exposure time. since a camera can only timing up to 30 second, you have to do the timing manually. And that where a timer gonna help.

Don’t have to be a real timer. You can use your watch, a timer, or app in your phone. Or if you have enough budget you can buy a remote trigger with it own self timer.

4. Neutral Density Filter

Credit: Robert Emperley taken from Wikipedia.org

Unless you’re photograph at night, its hardly possible to take a long exposure photography. For that neutral density filter or ND filter for short, is require to have. For landscape photography, this is one important tool to have.

Basically ND filter is a dark glass that you put on front of your camera lens. It work by reducing the light to come into your camera, and so you need a longer shutter speed, and then create a long exposure photography.

5. Black Tape or Cover

Believe it or not, this is important if you want to take a good long exposure photography.

One problem when it come to long exposure is how easy to light come into camera from other mean than camera lens. One most furnarable part of the camera is the viewfinder. Light can come in from the viewfinder and cause some light leak. Which is bad.

Fortunately it easially solve. All you need is just a black tape to cover your viewfinder. Or anything that can be use to cover your viewfinder. I sometime use my hat as a cover.


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