5 Photography Genre for Long Exposure

5 Photography Genre for Long Exposure

Long exposure can be used by a variety of thing. Since the huge popularity of long exposure, this style or technique (whatever you want to call it) use a lot by many kinds of photography genre. So if your interest in using a long exposure for your photography, these are 5 photography genre for long exposure photography.

5 photography genre for long exposure” is part of series of long exposure photography.

5 Photography Genre for Long Exposure

Landscape Photography

One of the most famous photographs in the world (in my opinion). Long exposure can be used in landscape photography for the motion element, like cloud and water (depend on what do you photograph).

5 Photography Genre for Long Exposure

But I don’t think using long exposure, especially super long exposure are really good for landscape photography. Because landscape (especially in nature) usually change quickly. It can be sunny in one moment, and suddenly it’s cloudy. Make your photo totally different from what you originally planned. That’s why a super long exposure kinda difficult in a landscape setting. But I never said impossible. If you want to, you can do it.

Architecture Photography

As a person who loves architecture photography, I can say without a doubt that long exposure is really good for landscape photography. If you look at some of my architecture photography you can see that the sky is in a long exposure. It gives the sensation of fine art into it (I think).

5 Photography Genre for Long Exposure

Night Photography

For you who love to photograph at night, long exposure is the way to do it, or should I say the only way to do it. It’s because night time does not has much of light as daytime, what many usually called low light. In a low light situation, one way to solve it is by long exposure. Longer shutter speed increasing the time of camera sensor to expose to the light, and brighten the photo in dark situation.

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5 Photography Genre for Long Exposure

Light Painting Photography

If you ever see a photo of a draw of light or if you ever see someone who played with their camera’s light in front of the camera? That’s light painting photography. Just as the name said, this photography is done by playing with moving the light. If you ever photograph city and car in the night, usually there will light trail that came from that car. The principle is the same as light painting, the difference is that you control the light.

Bring a flashlight, set your camera for long exposure, press the shutter, move the light, and you created a light painting photography.

5 Photography Genre for Long Exposure


Astrophotography is part of night photography for the obvious reason. You can only see stars at night. But astrophotography can only be done in high exposure, and to do this you can either increase the ISO or slowing the shutter speed, or both.

And if you make the shutter speed even slower you can create a light painting style effect on the sky, called star trail.

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  1. Perhaps since you are a pro you could help me?
    I only take photographs for mindfulness and well I love to take photographs but am only using my ipad because it is all I have. I have found a great joy in the pictures of birds and the sky and would love a good camera. Here is my problem. My arms are weak. I have a muscle disease. I want to zoom in so I can stay in my wheelchair and not try to get up to take a photo of a bird that will most likely fly away before I get the strength to get up and walk the few steps.
    I need something light weight but with a zoom lens. Do you have any suggestions? Hope this is ok to ask

    1. I actually not a pro, just a bit more enthusiasm.
      And of course, it’s okay to ask. I’m not really sure my opinion will be the best one, but I guess I can think of a couple of things.
      First, you probably can use a mirrorless camera, Sony is my recommendation. It’s lightweight and has the same capability of DSLR camera. for the lens, you can use a telephoto lens with “power zoom” capability. With it, you zoom in more easily.

      The second one maybe a bridge camera. Look like an SLR, but really simple to use (like a compact camera). The lens isn’t detachable, but it has a super long zoom (I mean super super long zoom). So it’s really good if you want to photograph a bird.

      But considering your situation, it gonna be hard for you to use it if you use the camera in a really long zoom. So my another recommendation is that you can probably use a tripod. A small and light one. Good enough for you to stabilize the camera. It’s just an idea though.

      1. Awesome. Copying this into my notes! I really appreciate you taking the time to write this!
        I can balance the camera on the front of my scooter if I take that out and about. If I take my wheelchair there is nothing to balance it on. I really would love a good zoom lens.
        Thank you again

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