5 Reasons for Photography in Rainy Season

5 Reasons for Photography in the Rainy Season

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It is usually the best choice for photography in a clear sky. Far more simple, convenient, easier, and far safer for your camera. But when water started pouring out of the sky, that is the moment you stop and look for shelter. It is better to wait for another day than get sick, right? But for some people raining is the perfect opportunity, because it has its own advantage and many photographers use it. These are 5 reasons for photography in the rainy season.

In Indonesia, where I live, there are only two seasons, dry and rainy seasons. In the dry season, you can walk all day long for 6 months without worrying about rain. But in a rainy season, a clear day feels like a wish come true. But rather than sit and do nothing, you can just take your umbrella and start shooting. And this is why…

5 Reasons for Photography in the Rainy Season

It’s Totally New Story

For me, when it rains, I can photograph a totally different shot. And if you check it out you can see how different it makes. This kind of thing usually happens in street and urban photography.

What I love about it is when I am able to make a story in photography, especially a dramatic one. And when it comes to drama, rain is always the best. Moody sky, pouring water, or someone stands alone in the corner or a couple. Isn’t that making an interesting story, an advantage of photography in the rainy season.

It’s just totally wasted if you just sit down and do nothing.


When I shoot landscape photography, one thing I really hate is that a lot of people get in my frame. Even though I can just deal with it in post-processing but it is still irritating. But when it’s raining, all of those people are gone and you can do whatever you want without some stranger getting in your way.

You can create a great Black and White Photography

I love black & white and landscape photography. and I love to photograph when it’s about rain. The reason is the cloud, the dark moody cloud for me to create a photography that I like. If you check out my photograph you can see I always have a darker sky. And for me, it just boosts the mood.

I also do it for another reason. In raining season, usually what happens is the cloud moves faster and I love to photograph it in long exposure using my ND filter.

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5 Reasons for Photography in Rainy Season

You can play with depth of field (DoF) or in other words…BOKEH

Another advantage of photography in the rainy season is the effect it can create and one of them is using depth of field.

Just try this for yourself. You are in front of windows and see waters pouring on them. So you use your camera and try to make it out of focus and you can create an effect that is usually called bokeh.

You can use this effect for your own photograph you put a subject in front of a window and focus on that subject. Put it into a deep aperture (f/4 or f/1.8) and shoot. You can create a photo of a subject with a bokeh effect behind him or her.

Or when it comes to macro photography you can create the same bokeh effect to your natural subject.


In the end, it will be Rainbow and Sunshine

And another reason for photography is the rainy season is at the end of the rain, the sky is usually clear. For a landscape photographer, this is the one thing they looking for. Clear day and not so much cloud. Especially when it’s around sunrise or sunset. If you are in a natural environment, it is the best moment to photograph. I just love it when the rain stops at the perfect time.

And if you’re lucky, sometimes there will be a rainbow shining through the sky.


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