5 Simple Step to Create Long Exposure Cloud in Photoshop

5 Simple Step to Create Long Exposure Cloud in Photoshop

If your into black and white architecture fine art or anything related, you probably know that many of this kind of photography show some cloud in high motion in the picture. This is one of the feature that usually showed in architecture fine art or some landscape photography. And many people think that it hard to make it. But that’s not true.

5 Simple Step to Create Long Exposure Cloud in Photoshop
Architecture fine art of Pertamina Tower UGM

One way to created it is by using ND filter and a long shutter speed. And another is by using Photoshop. For now I’m just gonna show you this 5 simple step to create long exposure cloud in photoshop.

5 Simple Step to Create Long Exposure Cloud in Photoshop

Before we begin, let me say that this tutorial is just gonna show you how to create the cloud. But not the architecture fine art itself. Maybe I’ll make it later.

1. Open a new layer

First step is to create a new layer.

If you just start the photoshop, click file->New or by press ctrl+N (windows) or command+N (mac). And set your file setting.


Or if you already open your photo file just simply create a new layer by clicking the blank page icon lower left corner of the photoshop (next to the the delete icon).

2. Turn the Layer Black

Well…I never see a black cloud in architecture fine art (If you saw it, I love to see it), that’s why it usually white cloud on dark background. And to this you can simply do it by pressing pressing the ctrl+I (windows) or command+I (mac).


3. Create a white dots

You can make a new layer (which is what I usually do) or you can do it in your current layer. Use the brush tool on the left panel or by simply press the B button. And then just start click on your layer or you can create a short line. Don’t just do it once, do it some more.


4. Add a motion blur

Now this is what we wanted to do, create the long exposure effect and motion blur will make that effect. To add a motion blur click filter->blur->motion blur. And then the motion blur box gonna show. Choose how much distance and the direction you want and click OK.


If you want more motion effect of it, you do it by simply click filter->filter (the first option) (since it just show your previous effect you make) or just by press the ctrl+f (windows) or command+f (mac).

5. Add gaussian blur

Well this one is optional. If you think it isn’t necessary, you can leave it and be done with it. But for me, gaussian blur just make the cloud fit to the photo. That’s why I usually use it. Basically gaussian blur create an image looks out of focus, which is good for the cloud, at least for me that is.


Its just like before, you can do this by click filter->blur->gaussian blur and then the gaussian blur box gonna show. Choose the radius. If you don’t think is enough, just press the ctrl+f (windows) or command+f (mac).


So here is the result



So here are 5 simple step to create long exposure cloud in photoshop. Its obviously you cant use this picture. But this tutorial is just to show you how to create the cloud. You can edit it by transform (ctrl+T) or tweak it so it can fit your image, or you can make it more than one by duplicate (ctrl+J) it.

Its up to you…


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