5 Street Photography Tips for Cowards1

5 Street Photography Tips for Cowards

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I’ve been saying this a lot of time, the biggest obstacle to street photography is not the gears or the skill, but the confidence of the photographer. For this reason alone, what I think is the easiest photography genre ever, can be the hardest. I did write about how street photography builds character and how it is good for you. But no matter how much the benefit is, there is no use if you don’t start to go out. So for you “coward,” who is scared to begin, here are 5 street photography tips for cowards.


“Not to call you a coward, master, but sometimes, cowards do survive…”
Starscream, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

And that is why sometimes it is scary to do stuff. Especially something we are unfamiliar with.

I must say that I don’t mean to insult. But merely stating what it feels when a person goes out, brings a camera, and goes home without taking a single shot. Which I did on my first street photography.

5 Street Photography Tips for Cowards

1. Bring a Friend

5 Street Photography Tips for Cowards

I think this is easy (If you have a friend that is). Find someone you know, ask if he/she wants to go with you for your Photowalk, and start taking a photo with your friend.

Don’t have to be a friend who is a photographer. But just a friend, as moral support. It even doesn’t have to be a friend, it can be a family or relative, anyone you are familiar with.

2. Go to a Tourist Site

Candi Prambanan

Where is the best place for street photography for a beginner? If you ask this question, I can give you two answers.

One is the place that familiar to a camera. Imagine yourself in an industrial area and you’re taking a photo with your camera, people there will staring at you. Because that is a place to work and not to take a photo. But what if you’re taking a photo in a place that is already familiar with the camera, like a tourist site. A camera is an everyday thing for the people there.

So that’s is why a tourist site is a good place to start. Because we know that is a normal place to use a camera.


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3. Go to a Really Familiar Place

Alun-Alun Utara

The second best place for street photography for a beginner is the place that you actually know.

Not just a place you know. But also a place that you already spend much of your time there. It can be your neighborhood. Start walking around and taking a photo.

(I did exactly that the first time I bought a camera)

4. Go to an Event

Check the Internet and look for an event in your city. It can be a parade, festival, or holiday event. Go there and bring your camera.

Here is the fun part. There’s no way you’re the only person with a camera. There will be many. Some are just passersby with their phones, some are a photographer with the same attention as you. Follow them, do what they do. If they take a photo of people, you also take a photo.

And if you are up to it, start a conversation with other photographers there.

5. Go to the Same Place Over and Over Again

One way for familiarizing yourself with a location is to be there a lot. Doing that gives you more the feeling of comfort and even makes that place your comfort zone.

Try street photography at one commercial street. At first, you don’t have to bring a camera. Just get familiar with the place. Then begin to bring a camera and take a photo. Do it frequently. In time, you will, your anxiety you feel at first will be gone.

So they are 5 street photography tips for cowards. If you just started in street photography, then follow it.


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