5 Tips for Stop Doing Photography

This is gonna sound odd. Usually, I gonna say a lot of things that encourage you to photograph more and more. But I do realize that over-activity never always good. Doing too much of photography can disturb your daily life. This is true for amateur or hobbyist photographer who doesn’t really see photography any more than a hobby. Even pro, I think also has a hard time. So here to control yourself, 5 tips for stop doing photography.

5 Tips for Stop Doing Photography

Disclaimer: I don’t actually tell you to stop being a photographer. Just stop for a day, and do it another time.

Do you ever feel the need more time to do something you like, and ended up wasting your time for that. To take on a famous quote:

“Five more minutes…”
Everybody (It’s true, isn’t it?)

This is a problem that so many of us experience in photography. So here, based on my experience 5 tips for stop doing photography.

Limit your Time

Create plan. Plan how much you can spend to do a photography. By basically create a time-range, you limited yourself of how much time you have.

For example, The only time I have is between 5-7 o’clock, because after that I have to do something else. Do it in a limited time give an absolution when the time to stop.

Bring a Friend

It sounds ridiculous, but based on my experience, it works.

Once, when I liked to do street photography, I can do it up to six hours. Even though the plan was to do it for four hours at the most. Mostly because I believe I can get a better shot. Then a friend of mine asks if he can go doing photo walk with me. In the same hour, in the same situation, and in the same place, we ended it up in three hours. Why?

My reason is that I conscience of my friend. I don’t know wheater or not that he can keep up with me. I also ended up spending time talking, rather than photography, which I feel isn’t effective. So I finish faster than I expected.

That’s why bringing a friend can also stopping your photography. Don’t have to be a friend, relative maybe.

Bring Less Photography Gear

Another way stopping your photography is to bring less photography gear.

Bringing and using photography gear take times. For example, it takes me 5 minutes to set up my photography gear and take a photo. In photography, that is too long. But if you only have a camera, it takes you less than a couple of seconds to bring out your camera and take a photo.

It’s not only the question of how much gear you have but also how much is your desire. Based on my experience, bringing much more photo gear mean more desire for me to take a better photo. Even if without many gears and you also feel the desire to take a better photo, I know that desire is much more when I have the gear to make it possible.

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Begin Your Photography with a Single Goal

We’re going back to planning. What do you want to shot today?

Think of that and that only. Go out with an idea of what you want to photograph. Just one, then go home. This is what I do in making my black and white photography.

All of my photography isn’t taken in a single day. It was taken once a day at least. Each morning, I have a plan of where I headed, looked around for good composition, take a shot, then go home. That’s it, a single photo for one trip.

It just takes me less than a half of hour to do all that.

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  1. This is an unusual but very good post. It’s easy to get carried away as any kind of artist, and balance is very important to continuing to produce good work and also have a happy healthy life with good relationships and well rounded achievements. Many artists need to strive to stop working rather than get motivated. I’m one of them. Very helpful and practical tips. Thanks!

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