5 Tips on Choosing Photography Tripod

5 Tips on Choosing Photography Tripod

When it come to my style of photography, one of the most important gear to be consider is tripod. Unfortunately, tripod probably the most underestimate gear and many didn’t care what kind of tripod they got as long it is work. Now, if you want to buy a tripod, here are 5 tips on choosing photography tripod.

1. What your Purpose or Kind of Photography

To be consider, when you plan to chose a tripod, you have to know what your photography is. Knowing that, you can start choosing tripod that fit your photography. Because there’s a lot of different kind of tripod with different purpose.

Benro MeFoto Travel Tripod

Let’s take for example, if you’re a travel photographer, you should look for light, small, and strong tripod. Lot of tripod brand have their own travel tripod with all of that requirement.

Of course there’s more, for video, landscape, studio, and more.

2. Just buy the Expensive One Right Away

Maybe you don’t kinda like it. But it the fact. Just have this simple thought:

“If you really need a tripod for your photography, Just buy the professional (which is expensive) one right away. Or you’ll end regret it.”

How do I know? Because I experience it. And also many photographer out there.

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3. Material

You also should understand what your tripod created from. Different tripod usually have different base material and those material have different purpose. Since I recommended professional tripod, now there only two base material you should consider, aluminum steel and Carbon Fiber.

So if you want a light weight tripod to carry around and also strong you, buy carbon fiber. But if you want a more stronger and heavy weight tripod, buy aluminum.

You should also consider how strong you are carrying the tripod. My brother have aluminum base tripod, and its really heavy. Since I’m not really a big man, that tripod doesn’t fit well for me. That’s why I have carbon fiber tripod.

4. Head

Tripod can’t be separated the from the Head. Head is the upper part of the tripod where you attach your camera. When it come to choose the head you should consider it as the same when you choosing a tripod. It have many kind of different purpose, there’s the cheap and expensive one, and different weight. So remember to choose well.

5. Understand your Camera

Imagine this, you have a really heavy, big, full frame camera, let say the Canon 5D Mark IV. And you have a cheap light tripod. I guarantee your tripod won’t last a year.

That’s why you should know how heavy your camera, so you can choose the best tripod that work with it. Just remember:

Heavy camera need a heavy tripod.

Light camera need a heavy tripod. Or not.


Additional Tips:

Different kind of tripod have their own unique specification. I recommend you read and understand it before buying your own tripod.



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