5 Tips on Finding Location for Landscape Photography

5 Tips for Finding Location for Landscape Photography

It is true that you can do photography everywhere and every time, even the crappier place can turn into an amazing photo. But if you keep shot at that place all the time. You know what coming…you grow tired of it. Its happen to all of us. Eventually you want to find another place. But how to find it…This 5 tips on finding location for landscape photography.

When it come to photography the pre-processing are neccesary an that included research your photo location. Its not only work for landscape photography, but many other kind of photography also. But for now, I only want to focus on landscape photography.

1. What do you Want

The question of life, isn’t it? what do you want. Its come to asking yourself what do you want to shot. Probably urban landscape, or mountain, or seascape, or any other kind. You can find an idea from searching for landscape photography made others that you find inspiring on the internet and try to make a similar thing. Then you can use that location for your photo, but if it to far you can use a location that similar to it.

Basically, ask your self, “what do I want to photograph?”

2. Check Google Maps

Internet is our best friend. You don’t have to buy a map to research for a location. You can always open your map online. And my recommendation is Google Maps.

Find a location you want to shot. For example I’m open google map and search Jurassic Coast in U.K. Never been there, but if I ever go to England, this the place I want to be. I can see how its look like geographically and imagine the place in my head and bring out my photography idea.

What I usually do is look at earth mode (there’s the option on the left side), so I can imagine more better. Instead of using map and the only thing I look are lines.

3. Check Other Photographer

If you want to imagine the place more better, than you can simply find others who have been there. It always easy for me imagine a place for a photography when I look at the photo taken by other photographer. Not only you can imagine far more better, you can also make a new idea to make when you come there. To be inspired of it.

To find another photo you can search on 500px or flickr.

4. Check the Light

One thing is important in landscape photography is the light. Its mean natural light that come from the sun. And it gonna come out differently in any place at any time.

Just imagine this for example, you’re on the beach and you can see sunrise there. Then you want to see sunset, there isn’t any. Why? That because the light source, sun, is on other side where you can’t see from. And that is why you need to do research on it. Isn’t stupid to go to beach to photograph sunset, and then realize you will never see sunset there, ever.

One recommendation on light research is The Photographer’s Ephemeris. This app allow you look for natural light source on a location. You can know where the sunrise and sunset gonna come from. Very useful and used by many photographer.

Its also available mobile for android and iOS


This the most easiest way to find a location. Just go outside. Walk around or traveling of some kind. You usually end up finding a amazing spot. And then when you find it you can do all thing I just explain. Be vigilant, be creative, and above all be yourself to create your own amazing landscape photography. Or any other kind.


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