7 Best Youtube Photography Channel to Watch

7 Best Youtube Photography Channel to Watch (Updated January 2018)

Just like most people, I love watching youtube video. Thousand of million watch and many upload their own video to youtube. Video of everything, like cats video (boring). Of course there are a lot of video about photography. Here are the list of 7 best Youtube Photography Channel to Watch.

7 Best Youtube Photography Channel to Watch

And one thing I usually watch is video about photography. With this time of age, a lot of people watch visually when it come to photography. First of all you can learn and see directly about “how to” you like. From many, there some of that for me has been my favorite channel to watch. Here is 7 YouTube Channel that I frequenly watched.

Kai W

Ever since Kai Wong left DigitalRev, most of his photography vlog can be seen on his own channel.

Basically still the same as before. Fill with photography tips, news, and product review. Its interesting watch because since they show with in the funny way that can make you laugh sometime.

Thomas Heaton

If you’re into Landscape photography, this is one YouTube channel that you really want to watch.

Thomas Heaton, a landscape photographer, share his experience in the form of video blog and share it in YouTube. Many of his vlog is just like many vlog. Filled with story, journey, and his own feeling. His YouTube video also give a lot of tips directly on-site to show you how he taking his photos and what to do in his situation.

I really like his blog because it feels like I can empathize.

Serge Remelli

If you into landscape, both nature and city-architecture, this is the one you should watch.

You can guest, this one youtube channel belong to photographer Serge Remelli. This French base photographer focus on landscape photography and in his YouTube Channel he show his hows his work and his post-processing, which is mostly use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. But he also use other software sometime.


Now this one is big, this Youtube Channel belong to one of the biggest camera and film equipment store in the world, Adorama. This one channel show everything that relevant to photography. Just like DigitalRev, is show tips, trik, tutorial, and more. Host by many professional photographer like David Bergman, Bryan Petterson, Gavin Hoey, and more.

Jared Polin

Now this one photographer is hardly to be forgottan. Photographer Jared Polin‘s youtube channel is one of the famous one. It show you many information about photography and his experience in it. It show tips, trick, tutorial, and product review all about photography (I usually watch his product review).


This youtube channel is big. Created by photography website and community, Fstopper, filled by many professional photographer. This youtube channel mostly is photography tutorial and behind the scene in professional setting. So if you a serious photographer and want to learn more of your craft this is one youtube channel I recommend.

The Art of Photography

This one isn’t like others youtube channel. Rather than giving tips, trick or product review  like other youtube channel, this one is mostly talk about photography itself and its insight. Created by Ted Forbes, this vlog type of youtube channel talk about the “art” of photography and talking his insight about that photograph itself. Its also show many video with many great and well known photographer.


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