7 Ways to Handle Photography Critics

7 Ways to Handle Photography Critics

Ever get comment of your photograph. If you show your photos through social media, you probably get something like “good,” “nice,” or “awesome.” It is typical and rather normal. But if you show your photo to a photography forum (like dpreview) or social media for photographer (like 500px) you most likely get honest critic that tell you how your photograph truly is. Sometime is good, most of the time it hurtful. So hurtful yet so honest. To handle many kind of critics, here are 7 ways to handle photography critics.

1. Ignore the word such as “good photo”

Even though it’s true your photograph is good. But usually a critic start with such a word because that is the formality. Begin with the word, “good photo,” then continue with the word “but.”

Just like Jon Snow said in Game of Throne, “everything before the word ‘but’ is horsesh*t.”

2. Look at the Important Part

Usually critic will be long, explain thing that lack in your photography, and what their advice to improve it. That’s is the center of critics. Just focus on that.

3. Try to Understand the critics

If you find the center of the critic, then try to understand it. Try to learn it. If you don’t understand how, just reply the comment and ask. Nothing wrong with don’t understand something and nothing wrong with asking.

4. Don’t Be Stubborn

Sometime you probably think those critics make no sense. Even more that you refuse their opinion and think that they are wrong. Especially when it is a negative comment. It is hurtful and sometime hard to accept. But you should accept it and try to learn from it. Don’t be so stubborn.

5. Let Them Know if They Misunderstand

Sometime someone give a critics about something you did on purpose.

For example, “your photo is too dark.” That’s is a usual comment that I get.

It’s true. But it is not a mistake, I did that on purpose (If you see all my photography, you can see that all of them is in low key). So I usually just reply:

“Thank you for your comment. It is true that it is dark. But it is not a mistake. I did it because I want to make a low key black and white photography style.”

Simple, right?

6. Beware of Troll

You show something in the internet, and some idiots spout nonsense and insult for no reason but to do so. Troll happen all the time and it is irritating. But don’t be lured by it. Because that is the reason for trolling, to create conflict. Just ignore it or just delete those comment.

To tell you the truth I never experience troll myself. I actually doubt there a lot of it in photography. But just in case it happen, remember what I just told you.

7. Always reply with a Thanks

Please remember critic is made not to insult your photography. But to give a honest opinion and advice to help and improve your photography. And you should be grateful for that. So it is nice to show an appreciation with a simple “thank you.” Or you can also add something more if you like it.

So there are 7 ways to handle photography critics. Here another advice if you got a critic, just accept it.

8 thoughts on “7 Ways to Handle Photography Critics

  1. As a beginner photographer, I like when someone offers a critique, but, if they are not specific as to what I can improve, it has no real value. Still, I will always say thank you, just because they took the time to comment. #4 is my favorite!

  2. It’s easy to be a critic of someone else’s work, to suggest what you’d have done differently, offer corrections and improvements. Except for an editor correcting spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, I find any critiquing someone else’s work feels they’re given free reign to say whatever they please.
    Often, they are equal or even less talented than those they critique.
    Advice is one thing, but critiques…ignore and avoid!

    Crescent Moon Studio

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