7 Ways to Survive Photography Hunting

7 Ways to Survive Photography Hunting

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The word survive probably sound exaggerated. But you can’t really underestimated photography hunting since a little mistake can destroy your entire hunt. So here is 7 ways to survive photography hunting.

Photography Hunting is get out and looking for the photograph you like.

1. Survive by Charge the Camera Battery

One thing that usually forgotten is the camera itself. It mean the battery. Just imagine if you go out and then want to use your camera. Soon you realize your camera couldn’t turned on. Feel stupid your entire walk are for nothing.

2. Survive by Format the Camera’s Memory

This is true, especially for those who used their camera a lot. Format memory mean clean or emptying a memory card (after copying the file into hard drive of course).

Just imagine you didn’t format the memory and go for a hunt. You take a few shots and want more. Than you realize your memory is full. The only way is to delete the old one, but you didn’t want to. Now what to do?

That’s why you have to format your memory every time you go hunting.

3. Survive by Using the Right Camera Bag

There’s a lot different type of camera bag and it’s not only for it style, but also for it function. Where you want to go? What you want to shot? How much gear you want to take?

It’s not only that. A camera bag also take toll on how long your photography hunting. Like for travel photography recommend backpack since you gonna walk a lot. Another is for street photography recommend sling bag or messenger bag since it small and more easier to be move around.

Also the bag design also a determined factor. Imagine you use a bag that obviously look like a camera bag and some thief is there. Now you become a target. That’s why it’s really recommended to use a camera bag that designed to look like a normal bag. There’s a lot of it.

4. Survive by Bring a Water

Even a survival expert will say this, “Always bring a water.”

Photography hunting is not end in a second. It’s longer than that. A hour, two hour, or could be the entire day. Especially if you go to somewhere far. Obviously you need water if you want to last longer.

5. Survive by bring a Hat

Like before, photography hunting is a long walk and usually in sunny day. So if you don’t want to got a sunburn, wear a hat. Even if you hunting in night, you probably should bring a hat. Don’t exactly have to but sometime it will be useful.

6. Survive by Know Exactly Where are you Going

It better to know where do you want to go. It will be more easier to make a plan and understand the situation of the place you gonna photograph. It also help to at least know what kind of place you gonna do.

But if you planning to go to get lost. Take it on your own risk. Especially if you bringing those expensive camera gear.

7. Survive by Bring a Friend or Two or Group

Even though you can do photography hunting alone, it is better if you bring a friend. By bringing a friend you increasing your survival rate. It mean a friend can protect to and reduce the chances to got attack. Or just as a simple encouragement to you’re photography hunting.

For example, street photography probably one of the scariest photography. You don’t have the confident to photograph people. But by bring a friend, by standing beside you, he or she can encourage you to take those shot.

Even more better if you’re friend is also a photographer. Even better if he or she is a good one. You can learn a lot.


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