Add Preset to Adobe Lightroom

Add Preset to Adobe Lightroom

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Another day for quick tips. Now many websites and photographers provide a bunch of preset for any kind of post-processing software, such as lightroom to make your work easier. To actually use it you have to put that preset to Adobe Lightroom software. And here is how to add preset to Adobe Lightroom.

Preset a file that allowed you to post-processes your picture in a certain style. Just think of it like a photo filter which you can find in many camera apps on your smartphone. By using preset, you can edit your picture with just a single click.

You can create your own preset or download some on the internet, either free or pay.

1. Find a Preset (Format file .lrtemplate)

2. Go to Menu Edit->Preferences

3. Click on the Presets Tab and Click on the Box Titled Show Lightroom Presets


4. A File Explorer will open and click on the folder Lightroom->Develop Preset

5. Copy the Preset File to the Develop Preset Folder


6. Restart Lightroom

7. Open Develop Module and Check the Preset on Presets Box on the right side.

So that’s quick tips on how to add preset to Adobe Lightroom


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