Architecture Photography: Gedhe Kauman Mosque

One of the must visit if you around Kraton Yogyakarta, Indonesia is Gedhe Kauman Mosque. Even though from outside, it just looks like a small mosque but this old and traditional Java architecture style mosque is one of the important places that represent Yogyakarta. This is architecture photography: Gedhe Kauman Mosque.

About Architecture Photography: Gedhe Kauman Mosque

Sony A58 with Tamron DC 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3, 331 seconds f/11 ISO100

This photo is taken directly in front of the mosque. This mosque has two main part, the front gate (the one with clock) and the mosque itself. Those two part also has an opposite tone itself. The gate has a bright tone and the mosque has a dark tone. The photo is taken in a long exposure. Since there is some element that distracts from photography and I can’t remove it without destroying the photo, the only option I have is by using highlight and shadow to make the viewer focus on the center of the mosque, rather than the photo as an entirety.

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