Architecture Photography: Istiqlal Mosque Architecture

Istiqlal mosque is the biggest mosque in South-East Asia and a great place for architecture photography. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, this mosque has been a place that I always want to visit but rarely have the chance. Fortunately, I had and it end up badly. But I still manage. So this is architecture photography: Istiqlal mosque architecture.

About Architecture Photography: Istiqlal Mosque Architecture

Sony a58 with Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 at 333 sec, f/9, ISO100

This is a black and white fine art architecture photography of Istiqlal mosque’s exterior building. This photo empathize the photograph as a whole (no main subject). The photo has 3 part, the ground, the building, and the sky. Beside the sky, which create in long exposure; the ground and building show the pattern and structure. The ground also reflect the building pattern because it was raining at the time of shooting.


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