The Best Camera is Not The Best for You

I remember when the first time I bought a camera. Just going to a camera store, ask what was the good camera with the limited budget I had, and then I said “hmm, okay.” That’s how I bought Sony a230 as my first camera. Didn’t care as long I can take a picture. In time I learn more about photography and then I upgraded my camera into Sony a58 (just a little update), and I have been using it ever since.

Last year, I got myself a new Sony a6000 as a gift. I never planed to have it, so I have no idea what to do. I of course using it and learn using it. I know compared to the Sony a58, Sony a6000 is far more better. It give a better quality and better spec. And a6000 is a totally great upgrade from a58. And yet after all that I keep choosing to use the sony a58 as my main camera.

Now this is the question why do think I keep using the a58 even though I have a6000, which is a far better choice?

When I’m thinking this, I remember a book by photographer Chase Jarvis, called The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.”

the answer is simple, I’m just used to it. I’m more comfortable with the Sony a58. Even though it have lesser quality then a6000


3 thoughts on “The Best Camera is Not The Best for You

  1. I have several cameras and will take different ones out depending on where I am going and what I am hoping to photograph.

    It seems to me that the A6000 is better and smaller than the A58, so there is no real advantage to keeping your older camera, except as a backup in case anything happens to your new one!

  2. I let the camera show me what it sees. Because only then, will I see beyond my own limitations.

    I am a fan of Chase myself. He is the reason I started letting my creative side out to play.

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