Be the Best in Work, But don’t be an A**hole

You know your stuff, you understand it, you have mastered it, and everyone love it. I think that’s what happen when you turn into a professional. But is it always a good thing? Sometime what happen is you become so arrogant, that you think you can do anything and others couldn’t. This is an interesting topic that I really want to share and hopefully to be understand.

So one day, I’m in front of my laptop, bored and just surfed internet like an idiot. Looking randomly, film, news, or photography. And then I found an article from PetaPixel (find it yourself, I’m not gonna show it). It basically said that a professional photographer show off how famous and great he is and also insult others with inappropriate comment on social media. (Good thing he apologized in the end).

I know this is kinda of old news. But I tell this as an example. This behavior pattern has been shown a lot by many, not just photographer but also in other profession, and I’m sure there will be more of it in the future. But this kind of behavior is not acceptable in many social system. Even if that insult isn’t intended to you.

For example, I’m a professional photographer (not really) and then start commenting on other people photos. “Your just a loser” or “you all talk, but your work just garbage.” or simply “Just die, loser.” Now, in internet there is word for the kind of sentence, troll. It just bring conflict and attract others who got nothing to do with it to get involve. And it got bigger. We just probably thing this “professional” just an arrogant prick who think he’s just so awesome and other are just an amateur. Even if it doesn’t meant to you, but you probably feel insulted and can’t helped but respond to it.

Fun Fact: Troll is associate with narcissistic, psychopathy, and sadistic.

Back to topic, this behavior is happen just because we good at something. Really? Are we gonna actually gonna accept that as our fate if we ever turn to pro or more. I just simply refuse that. Why don’t help other if you can. Or put it this way. If there is the urge to do that, why don’t hold it and convert it as a good meaningful critics. With that, we can still insult bad photos in the form of advice and they would like to heard it to.

Just saying, it’s not happen to every photographer, only some turn into an a**hole, some still the same, some become the complete apposite (which will be an another topic). And this is a little advice, you can and should always aim high and be the best, but don’t always forget where you come from.

Now for closing, a good quote (I forgot from who), “even if you’re a professional photographer, always think yourself as an amateur photographer.” Because it’s true, even a pro always learn a new thing everyday in their career.

Hope it help…


There is another thing that I want to know. Think of yourself as some kind of arrogant pro and ask yourself, “why I’m like this?” Now, as a person in major psychology, I just simply found this topic interesting and I really like to know your own opinion.


3 thoughts on “Be the Best in Work, But don’t be an A**hole

  1. I love reading your posts, wish my Russian was as good as your English that’s for sure!

    To the topic, who cares!! I have been called all sorts and I have never really worried about the idiots that ‘troll’ and slander others from behind a spineless keyboard, at no time would they do it to your, mine or anybodies face because they are normally talentless cowards.

    I was told one of my last images (the wreck on the water) ( was too much like a painting – that was the point!! Personally I love that look, like it or hate it I am just sharing ‘my’ images.

    Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  2. I agree with a lot of what you are saying… These people you are referring to have let their talent “Go to their head”, as the saying goes…

    They think they are so good on their own, yet they don’t take the time to realize that they are standing on the shoulders of giants. This is why it is usually best to just let these kinds of comments go. People who lash out in such ways are betraying their own weakness… It is SO important for personal growth that we do not let their inadequacies and insecurities rub off on us.

    Imagine if that arrogance were channeled into uplifting their fellow photographers. Not only would they be in a better place, but people would be more willing to help and cherish them for it!

    Thank you for speaking out about this!

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