Can Significant Others Motivated Photography?

I’m a curious type of person and because of that I always have a question about photography. I can look for the answer, but I can’t answer about everything. Because of that, I come out with an interesting idea.

So every month (haven’t decided yet) I’m gonna ask a question. And I want anyone who read my question to answer it. It can be in a form of another question, a simple statement, a story of your experience, or anything (Don’t worry, I’m an open person). For the sole purpose of fulfilling my curiosity.

There are no right or wrong answer. Since I’m asking about your opinion and feeling.

So do you willing to answer my egoistic need???

Can Significant Others Motivated Photography?

Did you ever heard the phrase,

Love overcomes everything.

A bit quirky, true. But that phrase makes me thinking about another thing. Where does love come from?

It can come from someone. Don’t have to be a lover, but it can also family or friend. Those people who close to us and we care about is what we called significant others.

So imagine this, you’re a photographer and you don’t really have any motivation for photography. But your significant other, who also happens to be a photographer, want to do it. If that person pushes you, will you have the motivation for photography then?

Is the question sound random and weird? of course it is. But it’s my blog. I can write anything I want here.


7 thoughts on “Can Significant Others Motivated Photography?

  1. Hi ya.
    Going out and photographing with anyone is beneficial because we all notice different things and use different techniques. Those techniques and other way of seeing can inspire us to get out on our own again.

    I don’t think it has to be with a significant other though.

  2. My husband and I recently caught the photography bug. Because it is so new, we both want to get out and take pictures. There have been times that I didn’t feel as motivated as he has, but went along just because. I think we do motivate each other.
    The reality is that my interests tend to change after a few years, so we will wait and see what the future brings.

  3. Hello……

    I understand the curiosity and the need to continue the thing that fascinates you.
    I appreciate the question and drive to find different answers. A new point of view to look at it.

    “Significant Other” in your phrase may refer to some one or something.
    This is an idea so vague that even a passing thought can be included in it, if you wish.
    I am not sure what your take is by the phrase.

    To the answer of the question. If you really like something and; for a long period of time it is not happening as you wanted it to turn out, you don;t leave it. You fix whatever is wrong and move ahead. The significant other will always have a say and manipulate you. It is about how you remain focused and enjoy what you like.

    I also happened to start a blog on my experiences. Most posts have been on mobile photography. Take a look.

    I found that everyone wrestles with highs and lows with their professions and hobbies. It is whether you choose to stick to them. It is always our decision.

    Let me know if it was satisfactory…! 🙂

  4. You found one of our web sites, there are links to our others. So the answer is, yes… my wife and I have been nature/wildlife photographers for years. Cold, snow, heat, whatever or wherever we may be will always give one of us seconds thoughts. If there are 2 of you it helps tremendously.

  5. Photography, like any creative art, must flow from within the person. While it is wonderful to share a love for any experience it must come from within both people. We can not motivate from within by pushing from without. Patients and example might inspire, but not always. In the mean time let the photographer be true to their own heart as will their significant other.

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