Over Positive Reinforcement. Is it Good?

Over Positive Reinforcement. Is it Good?

Just recently I was surfing the internet, looking for psychology and found some article talking about positive reinforcement. I know it got nothing to do with photography. But for some reason I thought about something that I’m sure you and many photographers experience. And all of it influence the mind […]

Don't be a Creepy Photographer

Don’t be a Creepy Photographer

Do you feel what other people thinking about us photographer when we are out shooting? I don’t, I mostly don’t give a damn. But it just occurred to me that if someone can misunderstood me. Instead of being your typical photographer, they can think that I’m some creep, or worse. […]

Be the Best in Work, But don’t be an A**hole

You know your stuff, you understand it, you have mastered it, and everyone love it. I think that’s what happen when you turn into a professional. But is it always a good thing? Sometime what happen is you become so arrogant, that you think you can do anything and others […]