Cityscape Photography: Bundaran HI

Bundaran HI (HI short for Hotel Indonesia) is a roundabout located in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. On the center of it is a statue called Selamat Datang Monument (in English, Welcome Monument). For the Capital of Indonesia, this place is one of the things that represent Jakarta.

About Cityscape Photography: Bundaran HI

Sony A58 with Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3, 130 sec f/16 ISO100

I took this photo from the north side of the monument so it can show the face of the statue. Also because there are more building visible on the south side of the architecture. The spot where I took this photo actually forbidden on a weekday. And because of that, I have to take this photo on Sunday when it was allowed.

The photo actually 7 shots of portrait then combine in Post-processing to create a panorama photography. Then convert in Lightroom and retouched in Photoshop so I can create separate adjustment between the background, the building, and the monument. The main subject of this photo is the monument. For that, I focus the highlight around the monument so the viewer can focus more on the center of the photo.

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