Do You Have the Guts to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Do You Have the Guts to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

We have place we love to be, a place that give you the feel comfort. This can be your home, school, workplace, cafe, or wherever it is. In psychology, a place that that can give you comfort and safety is one human basic need. It is normal for everyone to have one. But there’s will also come the time that you have to walk away from it, out to the open, and leave. The question: Do you have the guts to go out of your comfort zone?

Let’s define a little bit about comfort zone

Comfort zone: area that give a person a sense of relax and safe. When I’m talking about zone, I didn’t literally talking about place or location. It can be whatever. Like activity, job, social community, and much more.

This area is the best place for a person to be at. Where a person can do whatever he/she want without worrying about anything. It is normal if a person don’t want to leave their comfort zone and stay there forever.

But I said it again, that’s almost impossible. One day, you have to go out there and experience new thing. It isn’t really a choice.

It won’t be easy at first. But facing it can give new thing, like knowledge and experience. And it really encourageable to do so.

What it got to with Photography

It is need to be remember that this is a Photography Blog, not psychology or life skill blog. So it is weird if I don’t talking about photography. But that doesn’t mean it irrelevant.

If you asking what it got to do with photography, I think it has everything to do with photography. Photography is one of many activity that require you to do such. Let’s give a example:

Before, I was a photographer who never used post-processing. I just took photos and thought it was good. Until I saw many photos online. Which are thousands time more better than me. So it got me thinking, how could that happen. One way they did that is through post-processing, using photoshop. I didn’t know how to use one, I once saw my friend use it and it felt really complicated. But my desire to make my photo look more better push me to do so. I learned photoshop, from youtube and internet fill with a lot of stuff that make me want to sleep or leave the room. But I pushed it. It took me almost a week to learn it and more than a month to getting hang of it. Now, I have learn how to use photoshop and my photography look more better.

From this story, It doesn’t seem like I did something major. But I did get out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone was just taking photograph as a simple snap and shot. Then I get out of my comfort zone by learning photoshop, which I once though complicated and hard to understand. The result is I learn photoshop and my photography is far better than before.

So that is what I mean by get out of the comfort zone. It’s not just about go out and get lost on purpose like National Geographic Traveler ads (“Let’s get lost”). But it can simply mean going or to do the unknown.

So here is a question that you have to ask yourself: Do you have the guts to get out of your comfort zone?

Not only limited to your photography, but also to your life.

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