Create Photography's Luck

Create Photography’s Luck

Do you believe in luck?

I know this is a weird question to ask here. But still, I wonder if luck really exist. There are so much happen in our life that we cannot explain and we end up saying” it was just a coincident” or “It’s luck.” Knowing that I want to know if there luck and how do we create Photography’s “Luck.”

Defining “Luck”

Now…let’s start defining luck. Ask yourself when is the moment you feel lucky. In my photography, I did a lot of thing to have a perfect shot. But in the end, it’s not always up to me, but the thing that surround me and causing an effect to me and to my photography, weather its good or bad.

When it come out great, I think I’m lucky. So what I think, when it come to photography, luck is when an uncontrollable stimulus (like weather, wind, light, or passerby) causing an effect or response that benefit us and our photography.

Create Photography's Luck
Yogyakarta, 2016

If you think I talk all geeky, that’s because I’m a psychology student.

Another term we can use to defining “luck” is probably something like “the act of god.” If you’re a religious person probably when you have a great luck you will say, “thank god.”

Create Photography’s Luck

How much easy life will be if we depend on luck. But the fact of life, we can’t. There always the need of effort to actually achieve thing. It is the choices you make that create a luck.

Take this for example, I’m on a beach taking seascape photography. When I’m there I see amazing scenery. Calm sea with a clear water, a bright hot red sky, with a great pattern, and no people there to disturb me. And for a moment I though “I’m amazingly lucky to be here right now.” But what if I say, that’s not what happen here.

Create Photography's Luck
Bengkulu, 2016

What I did is research the place. I already know how’s the weather from reading it on internet, I know how the water looks like because I already see it on a lot of other photos, and I know there will be no people there because it’s an isolated place. If you know that, will you still say it was all thanks to luck.

In the end, it come to the effort we do to actually have the great photo we can create. Not only for the result, but the satisfaction of the achievement we get.

Little “Luck” still Play Part of it

Even if after all I just said. I think there are some uncontrollable element that become part of photography. Like, even if you have saw the weather casting, still there is the probability it will be wrong. Or some birds got into your frame making a great fine art shot.

These elements exist to play their part in your photography and the fact you can’t control it and it end up making your photograph look so amazing. That’s luck isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Create Photography’s Luck

  1. It’s important to do your homework/preparation, so it’s not all luck. But if you get a perfect sunset or a deer darts out (things beyond your control), then that is good fortune. We don’t usually say “lucky;” we say “blessed” because of how we view the world in our family, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy to stumble upon a four-leafed clover.

  2. Great image! As for what is luck, I heard someone say that “luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” Your preparation, by studying the location and knowing your craft, really paid off!

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