Defining Urban Photography

Defining Urban Photography

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I think everyone who read the title already what it means. But do you? Now for another photography explanation about photography that everyone already knows and easily misunderstood. So let’s defining urban photography.

Defining Urban Photography

Urban refers to a city or town.

So urban photography is photography that is taken in a city or town setting or background.

What is The Misunderstand?

The misunderstanding is that urban photography is the same as street photography. When in fact, it’s not true at all. Not even in the context of it.

So let’s take a look at these photos:

Both look the same, but it’s not. So tell me which one is urban photography and which one is street photography?

The correct answer is: Both are street photography and the left one is urban photography.

How do you tell?

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The Different with Street Photography

From Wikipedia:
Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art or inquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents.

The difference is that street photography talks about the context of how the photograph is taken. Where urban photography talks about the context of where the photograph is taken.

So if you see the previous photos. You see that both photos are taken in the same way, a single snap of someone who happens to be there and me waiting for the opportunity. The difference is, the left one was taken in a town, whereas is the right one was taken in a village near a mountain.

Now we know the meaning of urban photography. So if we go back to the definition, doesn’t that mean that any kind of photography that is taken in an urban (city/town) environment can be called urban photography?

The answer is yes.

Urban Photography Category or Genre

I actually like to call it a sub-category (but it’s not my place to say it).

There are many ways to take urban photography and these are some of them:

Urban Landscape Photography (Cityscape)Urban Street PhotographyUrban Abstract PhotographyUrban Portrait Photography


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