Don't be a Creepy Photographer

Don’t be a Creepy Photographer

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Do you mind the stare of you when carrying a camera? I don’t, I mostly don’t give a damn. But it just occurred to me that if someone can misunderstand me. Instead of being your typical photographer, they can think that I’m some creep, or worse. And that’s what I want to talk to you today of being a “friendly neighborhood” and don’t be a creepy photographer.

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The idea just came to me a few days ago, when reading an article about how to not be considered as a creepy model photographer. Then I just thought that it can happen to anyone. Not just a model photographer, but also a street photographer. Shooting stranger, who knows what people think about us. It can happen…it did happen. It did happen to me actually and it’s a pretty funny story.

So it happen a few years ago, I just bought Sony A58 with a kit lens. So of course the first thing I want to do is to test it out. Back then what I mostly did was street photography. So I rode my bicycle to the nearest park near the riverbank. It was in the evening near sunset, so the color was pretty good. There’s a lot of people street vendor, joggers, family, and couple, and more interesting object to shoot at. So there I was, still on my bicycle, began shooting. Just shot a lot of everything. Until a mom called me out and asked, what I was doing. So I told her the truth, I was hunting street photography.

The good thing is, back then, I look like a high school kid (face clean). So they believe me. If I happen to have a mustache, it is probably another story. She probably thinks that I want to kidnap her child.

But I pretty much understand that way of thinking. If I’m a parent and someone points a camera at my child, I probably begin to be suspicious and confront that person. I probably thought that it could be a murderer, kidnapper, or sexual predator. Who knows? That way of paranoid thinking is what probably happens to that woman and it is normal for any good parent.

So there you have it. My experience is one of many things that happen in my photography life. It’s weird, but it did happen. I’m hoping for you who read this can at least understand that this kind of situation does happen and it is best to avoid it if you could. Or not, if you want the risk.

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