Don't Show Your Photography Just Yet

Don’t Show Your Photography Just Yet

I understand if you have an amazing photo, first thing you wanna do is to show it to the world. So do I and many photographer out there. But there is time you should keep it hidden and don’t show your photography just yet. Here’s why.

Don’t Show Your Photography Just Yet

I know it’s against a lot of photographer said…

“If you have a great photo, show it.”

But I say it again, don’t show your photography just yet.

This is personal opinion of mine, but there’s a time that you should hold back your horses. The simple reason is because you can use it better in near or distant future. Rather than now.

I have about 50 photos that I haven’t showed publicly. Not because they’re horrible. Actually the complete opposite, they’re more greater than some of my photos that I already showed. But I feel it’s not the time just yet and I’m still waiting for that time.

Few things why.

If You Out of Photo

There’s the time you already show all of your photo and don’t really have the chance to take more. Then remember that you still have some photos that you haven’t showed yet. There you have more to show.

For Photo Contest

Some photography contest prohibited a published photo. If so then why don’t use a photo that you haven’t showed just yet. Rather than bother yourself to take another. Easy right?

If You’re Famous

I know I’m thinking way ahead. But bare with me…

You have become a great and famous photographer. Your photograph have become one of those so called “legend.” One of your photo have been priced hundreds of dollar or even thousands. In your old age, you finally reveal to the world that you still have some photograph that you haven’t showed yet and you’re want to sell them.

I’m sure there will be some avid collectors or fans that willing to buy it for thousand of dollars.

Just imagine it like some kind of future investment.

There you have it. Like I said, it’s just my personal opinion. You don’t have to follow it.

If you do, just remember that you should showed before its to late and really consider when the time is right. For example, next month there will be a photography contest and I plan to use 4 of my photos that I took last year and I haven’t show it publicly.

In summary, imagine your photography like a savings. Keep it and there’s the time to use it in the future.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Show Your Photography Just Yet

  1. Agree with your opinion. I was thinking about this last weeks because in a few months, I’ll participate in a annual art event(just travel photography, already published on my blog) and for 2018 I have a proposal to expose together with a professional photographer. I wanna make progress, start to experiment with ND filters etc… and yes: the feeling, you wanna publish soon as possible. This time not, the idea’s/theme I have in my mind, will be published on this exposition, not before. Nice to read such informative articles! Love it!

  2. Everything I’m shooting, processing and showing now is just practice to become a good photographer. Someday I’ll have good stuff to not show! Thanks for all your support of my work.

  3. Good advice. My instinct is to share, share, share, whenever I shoot something I like, but I am learning to hold back “for a rainy day” so to speak, especially when posting on Instagram. The extra photos fill in for my none productive days. Love your photos and your advice.

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