Drone vs. SLR : Battle of Suspicious

Drone vs. SLR:
Battle of Suspicious

Until now, I think I have photograph more than hundred of architecture. Road, building, house, bridge, and many other kind of architecture. There is no problem in taking architecture photography. Maybe just some people looking weirdly at me with camera. But nothing wrong with that. But not always, though.

There were the times when I was stopped for whatever reason, by security. They told me I am forbidden to take a photo and ask me to leaves. Sometimes I just obey and sometimes I refuse to leave. Of course, it will lead me to even more problem. But I stand my ground for the reason that I did nothing wrong.

They just argue it’s their security policy to not allow any photographing of a building. But I found it is not good enough as a reason for me to stop photographing. Since it is not even illegal.

This experience happens does not only happen to me. But also many photographers, especially architecture photographer. Some dude with SLR and long lens look suspicious. Especially in this paranoid era, where the first thing in everyone mind is,

camera + directed to a certain architecture = threat

But in my mind I found something that even more suspicious and treathening (in this context), Drone.

Just think about it.

  • It is controlled remotely
  • Hardly from know where or who controlling it
  • Drone has far more access and freedom to roaming any part of architecture

I’m sure there are more. But just based on that three points, you can see that why, in this context, drone is threatening.

So here a question if you’re a security guard, tasked to protect a building and you see two things, one with SLR and one a drone. Which one do you find as primary threat?

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