Easy and Quick Way to Upload a Photo Without Leaving Lightroom

Easy and Quick Way to Upload a Photo Without Leaving Lightroom

The idea of post-processing is editing, create metadata, export photo into JPEG, then upload to the Internet. It’s an easy thing to do. But when it comes to uploading photo, it can become quite complicated. Because you probably use different setting (like size) for a different website. Adobe understands that frustration, and give you a way to upload a photo to the internet without leaving Adobe Lightroom. In this article, I will explain an easy and quick way to upload a photo without leaving Lightroom.

Easy and Quick Way to Upload a Photo Without Leaving Lightroom

On this post, I’m gonna explain how easy it is to upload your photo to the internet. Well, to be precise a specific website on the internet.

Open Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software then click on the Library Module. From there, check the left side and look for a panel called Publish Services and open it.

The Publish Services panel is from where you can direct your photo to a website. On a basic Lightroom, there are 4 publish service that is available, Hard Drive, Adobe Stack, Facebook, and Flickr. Each of them designed to export and sent to a specific place as the name is. Like Facebook Publish Service is to upload a photo directly to Facebook without leaving Lightroom.

Let’s try to set Flickr. Before we begin, it is important to have an actual Flickr account first. If so, then we can continue.

First, double-click on the Flickr tab which will open the Lightroom Publishing Manager window. Then click the Authorize box which you need to have to connect Lightroom to your Flickr account. Follow the instruction, then your account is connected with Lightroom.

Go back to the Lightroom Publishing Manager. And check the many options on it. All of it is the setting of a photo which you later will upload. Or you can just ignore it and click Save.

Basically, the other publishing service works in the same way.

That is how to set your connect your website account to your Lightroom. Now is how to actually upload it. We will use the Flickr again.

On the Publish Service panel Flickr tab, you can see photostream album. You need to move your photo to that album by dragging the photo.

After that open, the photostream album and you can see your photo is there. Click on the photo then click on the Publish box on the bottom left of Lightroom. Your photo then will be uploaded.

You probably notice this when you see the first image. It has more publish services than a basic Lightroom. It’s because that is not an official Lightroom service. But a third-party plugin. Which you can download and install in Lightroom. Many websites have their own Lightroom plugin for the same purpose.

Let’s try the Publish Service plugin for Instagram. (BTW, Instagram never create Lightroom plugin. So this is not official).

First, you need to download the plugin. There are few plugins for the same purpose so I’m not sure which one best for you. You can just google “Instagram lightroom plugin” or something.

Mine is from www.lrinstagram.com. Just download it.

After that extract the file and move it to your Lightroom Installation Folder (usually C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom…).

Go back to the Lightroom and open the Lightroom Publishing Manager windows. Click on the Plug-in Manager box on the bottom left. It will open the Lightroom Plug-in Manager.

Click on the Add box and choose the LRInstagram.lrplugin that you previously put in Lightroom installation folder. With that, the plugin is installed in Lightroom. Then click Done which will lead you back to Lightroom Publishing Manager. Do the same thing as before to set your account and photo’s setting. Now you’re set.

Just upload it in the same way as before.

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