Giveaway: PDF Landscape Photography Lightroom Tutorial

Giveaway: PDF Landscape Photography Lightroom Tutorial

Do you ever feel the time that you have no interest in photography? I guess this is my time. And so for a week, I just go around like an idiot or sitting in front of my laptop, watching YouTube. Because I’m also bored of that, I decided to do something else.

If you follow my Instagram’ story, you probably know. A few days ago, I just finished writing a tutorial module about landscape photography post-processing in Lightroom. A simple post-processing for the sole purpose to enhance the quality of a photo than the actually taken photo. This tutorial gonna show you every step to process a landscape photo in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The tutorial is very thorough (if I say so myself). With an instructional picture to guide you step by step.

This tutorial will be in the form of PDF. So you can just download and read it.

Giveaway PDF Landscape Photography Lightroom Tutorial
A sample

Why I Wrote this, you ask? Simple, I’m bored. I don’t have anything to do. And writing this kind of thing makes me occupied. (And wrote it in my friend computer, because mine was broken)

And you know what? I’m gonna give it for FREE. Just take it, read it. There’s no money-back because it damn free. 🙂 🙂

Just enter your email in the comment below so I can send it directly. Or if you want to keep your email private, you can just join my mailing list (enter your email in the box that appears on the right low corner, or the sidebar). I’ll give the tutorial either way.

I’ll send it as soon as possible.

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