Heyyy World!! My First Post


Recently I just build this website for my personal use.

I live in Indonesia, in the city of Yogyakarta. One of the most historic city in the country with a lot of historic structure and culture. That’s why there a lot of tourist came here. And so one of the most interesting place to photograph. Althought you can always take picture everywere right.

I love photography and this will be the place where I share my passion about photography. I have photograph a lot of thing and every type of photography. But my interest are more to city and architecture photography.

Tugu Jogja
Yogyakarta 2016

This one of many photograph that I took. Check out more in my gallery.

So…probably I gonna make at least two post per week talking about photography. But who knows, I’ll try my best…lol.

Check out more of me in my website at agrandaizph.com

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