How Dodge & Burn Make a Totally Different Photo

How Dodge & Burn Make a Totally Different Photo than The One You Shot

Doing a post-processing is a must do for me when it come to photography. I usually edit photo in Adobe Lightroom. In it I can do a lot of thing, including of course photo editing. It make a totally different change into the photo. For now I just wanna talk about one technique that I really love to do, especially when it come to landscape or architecture photography. It call Dodge & Burn and this is how dodge & burn make a totally different photo.

What is Dodge & Burn

Basicly dodge & burn is a post-processing technique where you make the lighter part of the photo more lightermake ; and the dark part of the photo, more darker (burn). If you not sure, its like make the white more whiter, and black more blacker.

If you think its just the same as contrast….You’re Right

How Dodge & Burn Work

It’s true its the same as contrast, but dodge & burn is the technique how you put that contrast on.

So unlike full contrast, you totally make the change on the whole picture. But in dodge & burn, you manually edit specific spot of the picture.

For example, a picture have a many dark part. But you only want to darker one (not all) part of it. Burn make the part you want more darker. Or the opposite which make it more lighter (Dodge).

For me this is a amazing technique that a lot of people should use.

How to use Dodge & Burn in Lightroom

I usually use Lightroom for dodge & burn. The thing I usually do is, in Develop module, I usually use radial filter tool, lower increase or decrease the exposure to make darker or lighter, and make some part darker or lighter.

Another tool is brush filter tool. Its a same thing.

How to use Dodge & Burn in Photoshop

In photoshop, you can use curve layer and set it lighter or darker. than just use the brush to add it to specific part of the photo.

Check out This example and see the Different!!!

Why don’t you try it for yourself and see the change it make to your photo.

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