How Street Photography Build Character

I can say for certain that street photography is the most easiest photography to be done. Everyone can do it. You just only need a camera and no actual experience to do it. But that doesn’t mean it all sugar and rainbow. Most problem from street photography doesn’t come from camera or photography skill, but from the photographer them self. But the good news is overcome this problem can be good for you, personally. So how street photography build character?

I don’t really do much street photography nowadays, ever since I got into architecture photography. But back in the day, street photography was my weekly routine. Every week I went to different location, only with my camera, and took shots of everything I saw. But at the beginning it wasn’t that easy.

The only reason I began doing street photography was because I don’t really know what to do and this is the only thing I can think about. But it wasn’t that easy. At first, I always afraid took shot of person. Even if I did, I only did that because that person pretty far away or I was behind that person. I mostly photograph structure or urban thingy. And I though it was pretty good.

In time, I realize my photos just horrible and I don’t feel any good. So I began wanted to take a better shot of person in the street. Of course I was still afraid. So my idea was to went to a festival and took a lot of photos of the participant directly. The good thing was there’s a lot of photographer and they encourage me to shot directly on people.

So that was the start of how I got seriously in street photography.

Many I just shot candidly. I didn’t ask for permission, I just went in front of them and shot directly in their face and then leave. Sometime I also ask nicely. Basically I just said:

“Excuse me, can I take a picture of you?”

Usually they gonna say yes. Actually I never met anyone who said no.

I just did whatever I want as if I own the street.


Well sometime I still do street photography. But not as much as back in the day. I change personally thanks to my hobby. I can do far more better than the first time I did it.

So here what can happen with more experience in street photography:

Taking shot of stranger can be scary. But with more experience you can be more confident to just go straight to that stranger and shot with your camera.

Sometime street photography require you talk to your subject. Like before, sometime it’s a scary thing to talk to stranger. But why don’t try to talk. Just ask, how are they? Hopefully they gonna answer politely and take that chance to take a photo of that person. So there you have street photography can increase your communication skill.

All of that life skill can really help you, not only in in street photography, but also in your daily routine. Like make a new friend, better communication in work setting, or any other social skill. It also make you become more confident in everything you do. And that is why I really recommended every photographer to at least try to do street photography, especially people photography.


Oh by the way, all of those people in these photos are a complete stranger. I have no idea who they are. I also didn’t ask for permission, just went directly to their face and shot.


4 thoughts on “How Street Photography Build Character

  1. Thank you for this post! It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who feels super nervous taking good pictures of people on the street. For me, using a smaller camera was a first step, so I felt less intrusive. After I was pleased with the results, it made me a bit bolder to capture the shot. I’m still working on building confidence — now I have a larger camera! ?

    1. Great!!!

      It’s not a bad thing to use a small camera. I don’t think there are any different in photographing with small or big camera. In the end, the subject (person) can tell that you photograph him/her from the direction of the lens.

      I think it’s a matter of confident of photographer. Just like what you said, small camera feel less intrusive.

      When I first did street photography, I used a huge DSLR camera. Not because I want to, but because that’s the only camera I had. But if I had a choice I think I also want to use a small camera, like a mirrorless or a rangefinder camera.

  2. Hello Agrandaiz Harahap, I like very much your gallery photos, very striking and powerful images. Thanks for stoping by at my blog. You probably noticed, not too many people in my work. I like architecture and will return to that subject soon. But in the meantime I might take up street photography. for all the reasons you spoke about.

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