Hungry for More Shot

Hungry for More Shot

Its just like when you eating or playing game, You always want “5 more minute”. I think its the same with photography. I always think that I have the time in the world to take more photo. And the I realize that I have another thing to do.

Do you ever feel that way???

Like this one for example. I went to a beach to took a sunset photograph. I arrive a half of hours before sunset. I prep my gear and just started to took photo. Which I did for the next hours, around golden hour, through sunset, through blue hour, and through night. Even though its already night, I kept shooting. I felt that a great shot will came if I kept shooting.

Or this one. I also do street photography. One time I went to street market in morning. There’s a lot of activity to shot and there always an opportunity shot every second (which is an essence of street photography). Because of that I didn’t want to stop shooting. I brought 3 spare battery that lasted me for a day outside. Which was I almost did. I think I was there more than 9 hours. After that I was over exhausted and I can’t even walk anymore.

When I think about it, it when you do street photography you can feel it the most. Physically.

I wonder if other feel the same way?

Well it only happen when I go alone. But if I go with my friend or other people I can limit myself adjusting with the others. But it still happen to me. Almost every time actually.

This one of my experience with a single sentence to be remember.

“Know your limit.”

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