Is there Such thing as Rule in Photography?

Is there Such thing as Rule in Photography?

One reason that I love photography is because the freedom it give. You can shot whatever you want and whenever you want. Your choice, become your uniqueness, your originality. And I can see how amazing a lot of photos from many different photographer created in their own uniqueness. Which is why many people asked, is there such thing as rule in photography?

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Create your own Uniqueness

When you think about it, freedom in your shot, create uniqueness to your shot, which I think you will love it yourself. But how about others who see your photograph. Are they gonna feel the same way?

Take this for example, I always take a shot in in unique perspective. Like taking side way, try diagonal angle, or take photo directly to the sun. And I love it and I’m sure others will to.


No matter of fact, YOU ARE NOT OTHER PEOPLE. So how do you know what they feels like. Maybe they don’t like it. Or even make them dizzy. And there come the criticizing. Maybe harsh, sometime insightful, many spamming.

“You’re shot bad, FIX THE ANGLE”

“You shouldn’t photograph in front of the sun”

“You better use rule of third”

And many more like that. Probably you have this kind of comment before. But what I interest about is what is it in photographer minds when they hear such comment?

From what I see, from others who receive this kind of comment, that they also complain, feel unappreciated, and angry. There are even many who said something like, “this is my uniqueness, my way, my art. And I don’t need to follow the rule for that.”

Another question, what rule?

A rule?

I’m sure you have heard about rule of third, which is for composition purpose where you positioning you’re subject in photo.

Even though it have the word “rule” in it, but it’s not a rule. What I can say is, it more like a guide which help us take a better shot and look great by others. Those guide are collection of experience in visual art. And because of that, guide is a choice that you can choose. Unlike rule that you have to obey.

So a word of advice, if you still an amateur, you probably should learn a lot about those guide. Trust me, it help a lot.


Some addition,

This post is talking about how do you visualize you’re photography. Which doesn’t have rules, merely a guide. Another story for professional. Which have rule and ethic code that they have to obey.

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