It has Been A Year of Blogging

It Has Been A Year of Blogging

Hey!!! So a few days ago, I got an email from my web hosting and said that I have to pay for my domain name extension. And realize two things. First, I forgot to pay the extension. And second, it has been a year of blogging.

I can’t believe it’s already a year since I started this website. Even though I just started wrote something a week later. But whatever.

I started a website for the sole purpose to make a place for my photography and showing of my photography only. But then I thought, it’s not enough. So I started to write. Started with my photo, my photography adventure, tips and trick, and many knowledge that I learned throughout my years of photography. And believe me, I’m still learning about photography.

There’s a lot of change in my photography. In quality, technique, and style. I see that my photography now is much better, compared to last year. And that’s a good change.

A year ago



I’m also still learning about writing a blog. Being honest, blogging is not my forte. I don’t even like it at first. I always thought that blogging is like a writing a diary, but with the entire world can read it. But there’s more to that. As the time pass by, I began to find little enjoyment in typing on my laptop. There’s also the time that I had no desire to write, a burnout. But I’m not the type who stop midway. And so I write again and again.

Looking back at my old blog post, I found it funny that I wrote those things. And my English kinda sucks. But I still try to improve. I think.

And also thank you for those who have the time read my blog. Or at least, saw my photos. That is encouraging to me. And really motivated me.

So all I want to say is a year I spend writing things on this blog has been a truly significant experience for me and I will write even more.

And I hope you who read my blog and see my photography, find a little enjoyment in visiting


Hmmm… You know what, I just realize it sound like a thank you letter and it feels weird to me. hehe.

Oh, by the way, there’s also the time that I don’t know what to write. So if any of you have an idea or two, please write a comment below.
(Avoid about model or studio photography since I know nothing about that).

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