A Little Break Won't Hurt Your Photo

A Little Break Won’t Hurt Your Photo

A little break won’t hurt your photo. But I think it even will improve your photograph. It always in my experience when I look or do anything, I hardly quit or even take a little refreshment. I even can’t stop myself, even if I want to.

Like a long time ago, I went for photo walk. Walking all day long in the middle of the day until sunset. I think I walk more 30 km back then. Even though I want to sat or even lay down, I just can’t stop walking. In the end I hurt my leg and I can’t walk straight for 2 days. I even didn’t ate anything all day back then.

Jakarta 2015

…now I remember it, it feel so stupid.

It is fun…true, saw the city, met new people, and also I took a lot of photo. Back then what driven me is that I can’t waste even a minute to eat or sitting around, when I can use the time to to find the photo I want. But what I also realize is that I got all tired up and can’t fully focus on doing it. What I about is I just wanna finish it quickly.

That’s what happen when you tired. You simply can’t think straight. And in the end most of your photo are wasted.

So that’s why if you have chance, it is better for you to take a break. Even if it’s just for a few minute. You freshen up a bit, and up you go walking around and take your amazing picture.

I write you this because of my experience and how important it is for you to know. You can take more than a hundred photo just in 10 meter walk. That’s why you don’t have to force yourself.

A Little Break Won't Hurt Your Photo
Jakarta 2015

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