My Dream Photography Project

My Dream Photography Project

I have been in photography for a while. There’s always a reason to go out (or in) to take your camera and simply take the shot. I have been doing it for a while now and usually random. Sometime I just watch something interesting and just want to take the shot. But there also something, kinda a dream or something, that I always wanted to do. So there where a project come in.  So this is my dream photography project.

What is a photography project? I don’t know the real term, but basically do anything related to photography, including photograph itself. Whatever that is. It can be for work, assignment, or simply a statement that you want to emitted through your photography.

Or the complete opposite, you can use a photography project as a excuse, or in better word, motivation for you to start take your camera and photograph anything you wanted.

For example, one of the most famous photography project that I know probably the 365 project. This project main purpose is for a photographer to take a shot at least one a day for a year. So 365 photos in total in one year. For me that is one project that motivated photographer to photograph.

To be honest, I can’t do it. I don’t have time and I can’t photograph everyday. Even though I always bring my Sony A6000 camera with me. So that’s why this project doesn’t fit really well for me. And so, I created my own project.

I have done a lot of photography project. But all of it because it was an assignment. I don’t have what you call my own project. That’s why I want to created one. Or two. Or three.

Let see, I’m not going detail about it, but right now there are 3 project I want to do:

The Straight Line of Yogyakarta

If you ever been in Yogyakarta, there at least 7 tourist destination in about 3 km  straight street line in the main city. What I want to do is to photograph everyone of them and show every place you can go and see just by walk straight.

Probably the project purpose is as a tourist promotion (not really) and I’ll do it in black and white fine art photography style.

Here a few photograph that I already took and processed for this project:

My Dream Photography Project My Dream Photography Project
My Dream Photography Project

The Tradition Rooftop

Yogyakarta is famous for it old tradition lifestyle and culture that have been hold until now. Including its architecture. There still a lot of traditional old building. In fact there’s not really that much of big metropolis modern kind of building there. For that reason I always wanted to photograph those traditional building.

Now, the main distinguishes part of those architecture is the upper part or rooftop. And those will be my photograph. The composition is just one way straight of the building main structure rooftop (basically it mean the middle of the building) in portrait.

The main reason for this project is because I want something different from typical architecture photography (detail later). This project will be taken in architecture black and white fine art photography.

Here a few photograph that I already took and processed for this project:

My Dream Photography Project My Dream Photography Project


As you can see my project base on my life in this city and my experience in photography. Doesn’t have to be amazing or complicate.

Those two project already ongoing. Don’t know when it finish, but still…

There also one project that I always dream about and I wanted to do it. But haven’t got the chance yet.

The Beautiful Garbage Landscape (Not final name)

This project was inspired when I went hiking last year. I took a beautiful landscape photography in sunrise morning. Look magnificent, look awesome. But then I saw my photograph of the landscape that I took wasn’t all good. There a lot of trash on the ground (bottle, plastic, you name it). And that reminded me, that many landscape photographer, especially nature photographer, always looking for location that look natural and untouched by human, all with it beauty. That’s why when it come to landscape photography, they’ll look for location with no junk. If they can’t, they’ll throw it out of the frame, or just simply remove it in photoshop. That’s when I realize that landscape photography only want to show the beauty, and avoid the fact that those beauty already destroyed by human waste. Both hidden and manipulated.

And so this is my dream project. I want to photograph beautiful and amazing landscape photography. But in it truest form. I’ll look and shot landscape location that already wasted by human junk in the best way it could be.

I’ll do it in color photography, and many (or mostly) in nature environment. It increase awareness of environment for those who see these photos.

This is one picture that inspired me for this project:

My Dream Photography Project
See the foreground

This is not an ongoing project, because I haven’t even started yet. But I really want to do it.


If you ask me, why do even do all of these photography project? I will answer, because I want to. Photography is my hobby, and I love doing my hobby.


6 thoughts on “My Dream Photography Project

  1. I love your idea of photographing a landscape of interest even with – in spite of! – any garbage or littering that might be there. What a great concept.
    Your ‘fine art’ B&W photos are amazing. How do you get them so polished, so crisp, so clean? They are incredible.

    1. Thank you!
      For how do I get the photos…well it kinda complicate to explain. What I can tell you probably are you have to do two thing. First, you have to photograph with complete clarity and really sharp so you can get the greatest detail. Second, in post-processing, I mostly use Silver efek pro from Google Nik, and reduce the structure so you can make your photograph look “smooth,” but at the same time, it still maintaining it detail.

      1. Hmmm. Sounds like something requiring more skill – and patience! – than I’m willing to expend at this point. 🙂 I’m still trying to work on getting my exposures right but I do find composition is something that comes more easily for me.

        Thanks for the information. Duly noted!

  2. i have similar thought about garbage shots, one day out walking about snapping this and that it dawned on me, as you mentioned, to include objects one might try to get out of the picture to make it more appealing: power lines, telephone poles, cars, etc. i having quite the fun doing this and will be doing some editing as the count is high.

    nice photos but…

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