My Photography: Bank Indonesia and Pantai Indah Ancol

My Photography: Bank Indonesia and Pantai Indah Ancol

Last week I visit Indonesia capital city, Jakarta. But unfortunetly I don’t have a lot have time to go photograph this beautiful city. A lot happened. So probably you gonna see more in my next visit. For now, I want to share my photography in Central and North Jakarta that I did. This my My Photography: Bank Indonesia and Pantai Indah Ancol.

For preparation I only bring my usual gear. My Sony A58 with Sony DT 18-55 f/3.5-6.3 SAM II, Sony A6000 with Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS, H&Y ND1000 Square Filter, CPL filter, and Sirui T-2204 X tripod. Wish I’m more rich so I can buy better gear, but its life.

And for time. Don’t really care actually. Since can’t go out from my house before 10.00 AM, which its already daytime. So I took my picture in the middle of the day. And everyone know it is the worst time for photography. But still I did it.

Bank Indonesia

To tell you the truth I planned to took the picture of Jakarta National Monument (Monas). But there are many stage there for a demonstration. Because of that, I can’t take the picture I want. So change of plan. In the southwest side of the Monas, there is a building that I found an interesting shot. Bank Indonesia.

Well I’m not allowed to get inside there of course. So I take from the far side, where I can see directly of the building.

The Idea was to taking tall side of the building in portrait with building, road, and sky element inside the composition.

To handle the problem of the car passed the road, I just used ND1000 filter to create long exposure on the road and sky. The problem is I don’t 10 stop wasn’t enough for long exposure for get rid of the car. So the Idea is to take multiple picture and then combine them in Adobe Photoshop.

So here it is the RAW photo…

I took 20 of them

So like usual I put this raw shots in post-processing and edited it in my usual style of black and white photography. And here my final shot…

6 sec, f/16, ISO100. Jakarta, 2016.

I’m greatful I was there 2 two days before the demonstration. Because its crazy packkk there…

Taken from theguardian

Look I was exactly at that red arrow 2 days before this.

Pantai Indah Ancol

So the days didn’t went as I planned. So I just went to Ancol beach. It just 15 minute from Monas with a bus. And I took more picture here. I have came here before, a lot actually.

I waited until 4 pm there at the beach. So there are 3 best picture that I took that day. Which isn’t actually focus on the beach

RAW Jakarta, 2016
RAW Jakarta, 2016
RAW Jakarta, 2016

And here the finish picture…

13 sec, f/16, ISO100
181 sec, f/16, ISO100

For the last one I didn’t take in black and white. Because I this one wasn’t really good in monochrome format. So I took in color.

151 sec, f/13, ISO100. Landscape photography of Ancol Beach, Jakarta. Using filter ND1000 with two composition element beach rock and the pier.

Heyy…It’s been a while since I wrote here. Been very busy since last week. Because I’m in exam for the next week. So I have to study and have a lot of assignment. After it’s done, I will post it regularly again.

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