My Photography: Beringharjo Market

My Photography: Beringharjo Market

Its been a long time since I wrote anything about my photography. And I apologize for that because I have been busy and this have been a bad week for me. I have to wrote my paper, almost been con, and a laundry service lost my entire laundry. So practically I have been wearing the same cloth the entire week.  No excuse anymore,  here I am still taking a shot, a lot actually and one of them is this, my photography: Beringharjo Market.

If you ever come to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, one place you have to go to is Malioboro Street. There, you can found Beringharjo Market, a market where you can find any kind of Batik product, from cloth, pants, shirt, or any kind. Even more it’s damn cheap. For 10 USD you can get about 5 to 7 batik cloth. But enough tourist promotion, lets go to what I look for here.

For this photography, what I’m trying to do is to shot a straight architecture building of the market. Actually the front building where there is plate written “Pasar Beringharjo,” means Beringharjo Market. Looks boring, but with my usual style, in the moment it will look more interesting.

To make it look interesting, first you must know what do you want to shot. In my case I want to shot an architecture fine art with urban feeling.

I began my shot in the evening, it still bright and a lot of people passed through there. I use my Sony A58 camera with Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Macro, and Sirui T-2204X tripod. Like usual, but because it was in the evening and I was creating fine art, I decided to make long exposure. My H&Y ND1000 (10 stop) filter won’t work in this situation. And that’s why I was using NiSi Nano IR ND32000 (15 stop) filter so I can created a long exposure effect and remove the people. So here some of my RAW shots:

My Photography: Beringharjo Market
Kinda dark, so no
My Photography: Beringharjo Market
There a car, so irritating
My Photography: Beringharjo Market
Here my choice

As you can see, the cloud look smooth and the people kinda motion blur because of the long exposure effect. So it still look boring. And that where post-processing come in.

Like my usual style I created a deep black and white lower exposure style fine art using Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Google Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.

I convert it to black and white and create my basic adjustment on Lightroom and then edited it in Photoshop. Create a selection of the outline of the building, so I can separated the building and the sky, so I can created each Silver Efex Pro 2 adjustment and then to the final touching back to Lightroom. And here the final result:

My Photography: Beringharjo Market
Finish Result

Feels like cooking, right.


SO this photo will be one of the photo that will be in my new project that I called “Project 2″. And maybe I should find a better name. I think I’ll call it “A Straight Line” or something like that. You’ll find out soon.


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