Landscape Photography Edited with Wacom Intuos Pro

My Photography: Landscape Photography Edited with Wacom Intuos Pro

Like I always said. A photography didn’t end when you took a photo. A post-processing is a step that always important if you want your photography look professional and high quality. One of the gear that is highly recommended to have by a lot of photographer is a pen tablet. Which I just bought recently. This is My Photography: landscape photography eited with wacom intuos pro.

What a pen tablet?

If you’re not familiar with it, pen tablet basically is like a touch pad on a laptop which use your finger as pointer. But in pen tablet you use a stylus pen as a pointer for your computer. Unlike a touch pad or a mouse you can feel the editing as if you’re drawing directly on a paper. Main purpose for this gear is for you to use it as if you are drawing in your computer. Check out this video if you want to know more:

Wacom Intuos Pro

There’s a lot of type of pen tablet and what I bought was a Wacom Intuos Pro Small (about $250). Why did I choose wacom brand? it’s because it’s the only good choice there is. Of course there’s more pen tablet brand. But I never once heard a photographer when asked about tablet didn’t said Wacom. So that’s it.

Even though I choose Wacom brand, there a lot of different type and size of those tablet. Kinda complicate at first but in the end, my decision came to Intuos Pro small. There’s more better choice, but those mostly for graphic designer. And since I’m a photographer, I don’t need anything more. In my recommendation, a Intuos Pro is the best choice for photographer. Of course it’s up to you and your budget. There’s also a cheaper option.

Why Small? Size matter when it come to pen tablet. Size depend on the monitor you’re use. If you’re using a 16-20 inch or more larger monitor, I recommended medium and large size. Since I’m using a 15 inch laptop, I feel like small size is sufficient enough for me. Also it depend on your work space, small size took lesser space.

My Editing

I have been using this for a week now. Kinda difficult at first. Took me 2 days to get used to it. But I finally get a hang of it. And I have edited or post-processing (so it sound more cooler) some of my old landscape photography when I went hiking to Merbabu Mountain. So here what I did, in my usual style of course:

What I felt when I using the Wacom Intuos Pro Small is that it feel more simpler to edited a photo, there’s only a surface with few button. With pressure sensitivity, I can feel the right amount of the adjustment I use at the tip of my finger. It’s just like drawing a picture. It’s really adjustable, I can change the setting however you want. With different software I can change the setting differently. And it come with wireless capability. Just plug in the wireless receiver in a USB receiver and you can use the tablet wirelessly.

In my recommendation you really should buy a Wacom intuos pro.


Tell you the truth I just using the wacom intuos pro for a week and I’m sure I haven’t use it to it full potential. So I have to use it more. Also a pen tablet isn’t a necessity for photographer. One of the reason I bought this is because I just happen to have extra money. So if you don’t have enough budget, then don’t force yourself to buy it. You can do the same job with a mouse. But if you happen to have enough budget, a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet would be a great investment for your photography.


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