My Photography: Lempuyangan Station

My Photography: Lempuyangan Station

Hey….this is next cityscape photo that I took.

This is black & white cityscape of the city of Yogyakarta. Well actually this is a photo of Lempuyangan Station.

Short story of this place. Lempuyangan station is one of main train station in Yogyakarta, build in 1872. Well that’s it. Who actually care, really.

Back to topic…

For a while, I want to take a photograph of this place. So have been here many time (passing through actually). And check a lot of angle and look for best position and composition that fit. And then I found one place that I think fit for my cityscape photo. But kind a scary go there. So imagine this.

On the east side of the station, there is a with a flyover on top of it. From up there you can see the whole station if you face west.

The problem is there are no sidewalk, so people can’t actually walk up there and there always high speed car driving through there. So how do I got up there. Easy I just take the risk.

Like usual, I rode my bicycle 4.30 in the morning (half a hour before sunrise). The reason is not because I’m chasing sunrise. But because the flyover is empty so I can get there more easily. I look for the best position that can make a good position.

The situation is really perfect for me. So there not many people and the light is good that I don’t really need think that much. The sky also have a lot of cloud (which good for black & white). And since it was about sunrise and I facing the other way around, the light that came from the sun create the contrast in the cloud which I think really great.

So check out…


My Photography: Lempuyangan Station
How I photograph

I was using my usual gear. Sony A58 with Sony DT 18-55 f/3.5-6.3 SAM II. Attach on my Sirui T-2204 X tripod and then using H&Y 10-Stop Neutral Density filter to my lens. The problem is even though I used 10 stop filter, but I still can’t have the enough motion from the cloud.

And this is the result…

My Photography: Lempuyangan Station
Raw Lempuyangan Station 2016

So the main idea of m composition is the leading line from the train railway that heading to the end of the building on the middle end. And also I make it straight line on the horizon.

And of course I turn it into black & white in Adobe Lightroom. So the main focus of my post-processing is to do dodge & burn that focus the highlight on the train railway. That make people more focus on the leading line that end to the building in the middle of the frame, which is the main subject and focus on my photograph.

I also want to create long exposure effect. Since I can’t make it on the camera, even though I was using ND1000. So I created motion blur on the sky.

So this is the finish result of my photography…

My Photography: Lempuyangan Station
Finish Lempuyangan Station 2016

Allright….for a few day I will be at the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta and I will write my experience here later. So check out more.


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