My Photography: Pantai Panjang

My Photography: Pantai Panjang

Another day, another photography I create. I know I said that I can’t go out much (read my previous post) but it doesn’t mean that I never go out. And when I go out I find a great photo spot in this little city. So the first place I can thing of is Pantai Panjang. This is my photography: Pantai Panjang.

If I have to say one thing I like about Bengkulu, the city where I was born, is the beach. Not because it look good, but because its really near my house. I can reach there in 5 minute with my bicycle. And with that Pantai Panjang (or in english, Long Beach) is the perfect beach for me. I love doing natural landscape photography and when I can, I will do it. But it doesn’t happen that much.

For the pre-processing I just bring my usual gear, Sony A58 with Sony DT 18-55 f/3.5-6.3 SAM II, H&Y ND1000 Square Filter, CPL filter, and Sirui T-2204 X tripod. For location, I don’t actually bother because I came here a lot, so I know the location well. For time, I came a half of hour before sunrise, it’s because I was not really there for the sunrise. So I don’t have to came early.

I came there by bicycle, it took me 5 minute to be there. And start to look for position. But something was different than usual. What I forgot was to check the weather. It was a rainy season, causing a high tides. And also because of the weather,  the river water that came directly from the mountain there, causing the color of the sea water turn brown. Another tips that you should know, always check for the weather before you go out.

So what I did was sat down and think for a moment. There no need to rush thing over. There always a way. And I found it.

Before I went there, I planed to create landscape photography with colorful nature look. But because of the color of the sea, I have to changed it. So what I did was turn it into black & white. An easy solution right!

Now the processing. For my first shot my idea is minimalist concept. A beach road side and motion flow of the sea water. Using the 10 stop ND filter will make it work and here the result.

The second shot was more intimate. Focus more to the beach’s rock and the motion of the water moved toward the rocks. I took the shot right above the rocks.

Now for my third shot was a typical landscape. This one I took a few composition technique, and shot it. This one more colorful because I’m faced south and there were some color from the sun.

There were a few shots that I took. But for now, those three were the best of the day.

Moving to post-processing, when it come for landscape photography, I didn’t as much as I did for architecture photography. But still, it’s important to spend time into your photograph.

I used software adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC and turn it more better. and here the result.

Bengkulu, 2016
Bengkulu, 2016

For the last shot, I can’t decide on color or black and white. I did both. Why don’t you decide which one is better.

My Photography: Pantai PanjangMy Photography: Pantai Panjang


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