My Photography: Pillar

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Hey, another day and I’m back stuck in my house cannot go out. So like before, I did a lot of photographs in my house (check it out). But I’m not sure I gonna show it again. It’s boring to show the same thing over and over again. So instead of that, I think I’m gonna show something else. This is my photography: Pillar.

One thing I usually do on my laptop is looking at all my photographs. I have more than a thousand photos and many of them haven’t been processed at all. And sometimes it took time for me to see something in my old photos. So another tip, “keep all your photos, it will be useful in the future.”

So I look at some of my pictures and I found a picture that I took a few months ago. This photo I took at my campus. Just a pillar that I have no idea what for. Decoration I think…and I took some photos of it. At the time I have no idea what to do with it. So I just leave it. But something come to my mind recently.

So for this Idea, I just gonna share more of the post-processing step.

What I do with this picture is turned into black and white fine art. Like I did with some of my photographs.

Now, when it comes to this kind of photography, you have to consider the light and the dark part. For this picture, I just follow the actual situation of the photo. The dark part on the rear side (The bottom part of the photo) and gradually gets lighter and into white at the round part of the pillar (the upper part of the picture).

So let see the result. With the power of an amazing post-processing software that I use, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Google Nix Silver Efex Pro.



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