My Photography: Stuck at Home Photography

My Photography: Stuck at Home Photography

Another of my photography, or so I thought. I’m at my hometown now, in a small city of Bengkulu, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Since this is my vacation and I have nothing to do. Even worst, my parent are working almost everyday and they left the house to me. Which have the same meaning as “I can’t go out,” which is no good for my kind of photography. So basically I’m stuck at home. But no worries, it doesn’t I stop using my camera. And now I want to share to you what I did with my photography: stuck at home photography.

If you have seen some of my work (or if you haven’t, check it out), you can tell that my photos are landscape and architecture. Which is no good if I’m stuck at my home all day and cannot go out. And it just got me irritated, didn’t know what to do, except play my laptop or watching TV.

Even if I can go out, I don’t think anything I can find any place where I can shot any decent cityscape photography in this town…But when it come to natural landscape…Well, I can work with that. Which I will tell you later on…

Anyway, enough of my complain. Lets start with what you can do when you stuck in your house and your only play thing is only your camera. So what to? you keep shooting (not my word, I forgot where I heard it).

So first what I did was to know the place…good thing I know my home for a long time now, just skip it. Now we get serious, what you have to ask yourself is “what do want to make?” Tips from me “don’t always thing big, but also thing small.” Keep in mind if you’re in my situation.

For me, I have done a lot of tabletop photography, such as still life photography. And it can be done inside your house. And for me the best place to do so is in the kitchen. So what I did was I went to my kitchen, looked inside my refrigerator, and found anything that I can use for my photography. Bad thing that there’s not a lot in it. What I found were just some cucumber, tomato, and chili pepper.

What I did with those vegetables was, make a tabletop shoot on my backyard. And create a morning healthy food theme-like….so this is what I come out with…and some natural food theme.

Later I found some milk and egg…so why don’t we combine both of them…

There a lot more that I did used many of the dishes that I found in the kitchen and then create a combination of many which made a good still life. Another tips from me for still life photography “Never thing of one, but many combination.” For example, if you have cucumber you can shot it in many way possible, with your hand, on the plate, on the tree, and so on. That many combination and with your own creativity, will make a amazing photography.

OR you can make a concept shot…basically mean a photography that have some meaning to it. For example I created number of “2017” with rock, symbolize new year…

NOW if your home have a garden…its also another great place for photography. There are many thing you can shot. Remember my previous tips, don’t think big, but also small, and that is the assence of macro photography. But it to bad that I have did it a lot before, and grew bored of it. Soooo what I did instead was create some abstract photography and Texture Photography.

The idea of abstract photography is to make thing look weird and make the viewer thing what its meaning. So here some of my abstract shot…

Or you can do some texture photography…

Just some tips: “Explore the place, even the one you familiar with, and thousand of possibility will rises.”

What I just showed you, were some of many photos that I took. If you want see more, you can click here.

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4 thoughts on “My Photography: Stuck at Home Photography

  1. The title of your post is hilarious. “Stuck at Home Photography” expresses my sentiment exactly! Thanks for your humorous writing. It was a pleasure reading it. Happy New Year!

  2. We’ve just finished our first Project 365, shooting one picture every day for the whole of 2016, and this made us embrace “stuck at home photography!” We agree 100% about finding things to photograph all around the house, but in the kitchen especially. Enjoyed this article very much, so interesting to see how other photographers tackle the same sorts of issues. Happy new year to you. Cheers!
    Darrin & Sharon – What The Saints Did Next (St Helena)

    1. It is true. This trouble happened to a lot of photographer. Hopefully help photographer in this situation.
      By the way, I just checked some of your project 365 project. It just amazing and you have many great shots. I know it’s a common kind of project. But the fact is it took an amazing dedication to photography to actually finished it, which I lacked of. Since I’m a lazy person. I’m really amaze. Thank you!!!

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